Fob Duplication: The Ideal Complement For Your Key-Cutting Business?

18 September 2023

Why Fob Duplication Could Be The Perfect Addition To Your Key-Cutting Business

Are you already offering a fob duplication service to your customers? If the answer is no, keep reading this article as we will break down why it could be a great addition to your key-cutting business.

As technology advances, people are looking for more convenient and innovative ways to secure their homes and businesses. That means that more and more of your customers are replacing traditional locks in favour of digital alternatives. That's where adding fob duplication steps in, allowing you to meet the growing demand for this service and increase your revenue.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of offering fob duplication, including the potential for increased profits, the ability to reach a broader customer base, and the ability to differentiate yourself from competitors. Let’s see why:

Increase Your Profits

One of the main benefits of fob duplication is the potential for increased profits. As more people adopt the use of fobs to secure their homes and businesses, the demand for fob duplication services continues to grow. By offering this service, you can tap into a new revenue stream and give your business a boost. Fob duplication is often a high-margin service, so you can increase your profit margins as well.

Widen Your Customer Base

Offering fob duplication services also allows you to reach a broader customer base. Traditional locksmithing services may appeal to homeowners and small business owners.

Fob duplication services allow you to reach a broader customer base as it may appeal to a wider audience including office buildings and property managers.

Differentiate Yourself from Competitors

Fob duplication is a new and specialised service, and not all locksmiths and key cutters can do that. Offering that service sets you apart from your competitors and attracts new customers.

Do you think that fob duplication could be a good fit for your key-cutting business? Here are some of the steps you can follow to start offering this service:


Before stepping into the realm of fob duplication, you should get a solid grip on the technology and processes behind it. Start by researching the various types of fobs used in your area and how you can duplicate them. You may also consider attending training sessions and webinars to gain the necessary skills.

Supplier and Equipment Selection

Choose your fob duplication equipment and tools carefully. Look for reputable suppliers and compare options based on your budget and requirements. Ensure the equipment you select can handle a variety of fob types and is user-friendly, making the duplication process smooth and efficient. At Keyprint Security, we can offer you high-quality solutions that combine great coverage and ease of use such as:

  • The ICopy-XS Fob Cloner which represents the perfect tool to provide your customers with duplicate electronic cards and fobs. With its wide coverage, you will be able to copy not only low-frequency fobs but also high-frequency, high-security fobs and cards currently not cloneable by other devices on the market such as the Smart Card Deluxe. The ICopy-XS is also easy to use. Place the card/fob on the device and with a few presses of one single button, you can read and copy them. It also comes with instructions and free updates to always stay ahead of the curve.
  • The PX1 Paxton Fob Copier, a dedicated standalone device that allows you to copy blue, red, yellow and green-ringed Paxton in seconds providing a specialistic extra level of service to your customers. The device is completely self-contained so you won't need an extra battery pack to use it.

Our website and YouTube channel also feature a variety of how-to videos to help you use your devices and make a profit from day one.

Pricing and Relationships

You should determine a competitive pricing strategy that takes into consideration your costs, labour, and profit margins.

Building connections is also crucial. Try to establish relationships with property managers, real estate agents, business owners, and others who could enjoy your services. Those relationships can be your foundation for steady business growth.


Update your shop, website, business cards, and social media profiles to promote your new fob duplication service. You may consider running promotional offers to attract early customers. Do not forget to encourage reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations too.

Knowledge and Updates

Stay informed about advancements in fob technology. Keep an eye out for software updates or new equipment as the industry evolves. Make sure you are knowledgeable about different fob types and systems to provide a great service to your customers.

This is one of the most important points. The quality of your service will allow you to build your reputation over time and gain happy returning customers. If you need a little boost, our personalised fobs may come in handy. Engraved with your contact details, they will make sure that your customers never forget your name when they need a new fob duplicated.


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