Our software options are specifically designed for locksmiths and key cutters to make sure you maximise your investment and interface directly with our electronic key cutting machines.
Silca software incorporates numerous functions to fully exploit the potential of their electronic key-cutting machines. We can provide you with software for Silca Unocode 299/399, Silca Triax and Silca Idea.
WH Software offers advanced software for the locksmith industry. Instacode, is a quick and easy to use program for many key cutters, offering key and code series listing at an affordable price. In addition, cuts can be transferred directly to Silca electronic key machines and many others.
Promaster Master Key software, provides a comprehensive key management mechanism for all keys within the organisation, producing a secure system for keeping records of what keys have been supplied to whom.
A2 Software supplies Superlock which is an advanced master key creation
and management program for 4 to 16 pin lock systems. It is a powerful tool for professional key manufacturers and locksmiths alike.