Gain returning customers. Grow your business.


Did you know that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one?

Becoming a centre is the perfect opportunity to keep your customers coming back, power up your sales and boost your business. When you sign up as a centre, your cylinder sales won’t be a one-off anymore because you will steadily gain repeat key business and multiply long-term returns on every cylinder you sell.

You can choose among four top-quality patented cylinder systems.

Our cylinder systems have passed a number of rigorous security tests against the most common forms of attempted burglars and will offer your customers ultimate peace of mind. With superior build quality and reliability, you can recommend our cylinders with confidence and enjoy the return key business they will generate for you.

Why Should I Become a Centre?

  • Your customers will never forget you. You will advertise your company where it matters the most. With your business details coined on your key blanks, your customers will see your company name and phone number every time they use their keys.
  • You will have your exclusive centre number. You will be the only one authorised to cut keys generated by your centre. You will be the only one to reap the benefits of your cylinder sales.                                           
  • You will keep your customers coming back. All our cylinder systems and key blanks are patented or restricted. That means your customers will keep coming back to you every time they need a new key and you will benefit from extra profit for your company with no additional effort on your side. 
  • Perfect for master key plans. All our cylinder systems are ideal for master key plans as the range spans from euro double to padlocks, from euro single to rim cylinders. This means you can multiply your cylinder and key sales in one fell swoop.
  • Long-term returns on your investments. Ups and downs can kill your business. With our patented and restricted cylinder system, you will build the steady cash flow you need to fuel your business growth over time.
  • We will support you. Our experienced team of experts will always be there to support you along the way.
  • Minimum set-up costs. We require a small financial commitment to help us provide you with the first-rate products and service you deserve.

Interested in becoming a centre? Want to know more? Request a callback