Mr Li's Original Picks: a new step-by-step guide

In this step-by-step guide, we will provide you with detailed information about the lock, the tools required and the techniques involved in picking and decoding the new Ford HU198 lock. Let’s get started.

The Ford HU198 lock, which features 10 wafers and 5 heights (code series: 0020001-0032003), was first introduced in Ford Fiesta models in 2017. As you can see from the images below, the key blade is the same as the HU101. However, the HU198 has got internal track cuts, a departure from the external track profile of the HU101 blade.

The Pick

To pick and decode the lock we will use Mr Li’s Original HU198/Ford 2017 Twin Arm which suits HU198 door, ignition and boot locks.

Step 1 - Picking

Insert the tool in the keyway and without applying any tension determine where the wafers are. After you have located each wafer, apply tension and look for binding (not moving) wafers. Apply force with the lifter arm until all 10 wafers become springy/picked and the lock will open.

  • Picking Tip: The design of Mr Li’s Original HU198 Pick allows you to unpick a wafer that is over-picked without releasing the tension. Simply go to the opposite side and un-pick.

Step 2 - Decoding

Once you have picked the lock, you can proceed to decode it and use the cut heights to cut a key using an electronic key machine. Re-apply tension and you will be able to determine the cut height using the lifter arm and the scale that you can find on the body of the pick.

  • Decoding Tip: If you are unsure about the cut depth when reading on the sprung wafer, simply read the wafer on the opposite side of the tool and the arm will stop. The number of your reading must add up to 6.


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RST Mustang: New How-To Guide

Calibrating the cutter and tracer of your RST Mustang key machine is a crucial step to ensure precision and accuracy in cutting dimple keys.

This guide will walk you through the process, helping you select the appropriate tools and execute the correct procedures. Before you start calibrating your machine, make sure that it is disconnected from the power supply.

  • Select the appropriate tracer and cutter: Select the correct tracer and cutter for the dimple keys that you want to cut. If you are using a double-ended tracer, identify which side is for dimple keys and use that one.
  • Insert the tracer and cutter into the housing: Insert the tracer into the housing without tightening it. Similarly, insert the cutter without applying any force to secure it in place.

  • Set the cutter and tracer height: Move the carriage of the machine so that both the tracer and the cutter hit a flat section of the jaw. Once they hit that spot, lock the left handle of the machine to prevent any movement of the carriage.
  • Secure the tracer and cutter in position: Tighten the grub screw on both the tracer and the cutter housing making sure that they stay at the same height. Ensure that both the cutter and the tracer are securely in position.

  • Create a spring movement: Because you are going to cut a dimple key, you want to make sure that the cutter hits the cut before the cutter does. You achieve that by creating a spring-like movement in the cutter.
  • Unlock the handle: To do so, rotate the right handle of the machine anti-clockwise to unlock it.

  • Adjust the tracer spring set knob and micro-adjustment dial: Release the tracer spring set knob on the left-hand side of the cutter and tracer housings. Unlock the micro-adjustment dial using the grub screw and turn it anti-clockwise until it reaches the end.

Following these simple steps will guide you through the process of calibrating the cutter and tracer of your RST Mustang making sure that you are ready to cut any dimple key with precision.


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The ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer now features the amazing capability of Writing RH850 processors in VW MQB dashboards

Get your VN021 now, and access:

  • Writing RH850 processors effortlessly
  • Unlimited number of reads and writes, opening the door to higher productivity
  • Fast and reliable procedure - ease of operation, option to check your connection before starting to save you time

The VN021 is perfect for VW specialists since it allows key programming (spare key), mileage recalibration, Instrument cluster exchange and sought-after retrofitting procedures (e.g. exchanging and analogue with digital instrument cluster).

This license is developed to work with the ZN085 ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer, which allows risk-free and swift work with various modules equipped with RH850 and V850 processors. 

The ZN085 Programmer requires NO trace cutting and NO pin lifting! You only need to remove a few capacitors and solder several wires in their places. All you need for the job is provided: wiring diagrams are available in the software, the wires you need to solder are part of the RH850/V850 Programmer’s package (CB051 cable for multiple uses) and the software itself will lead your way into the procedure.

More exciting news is coming very soon, regarding the RH850/V850 Programmer. We are soon adding new functionalities, giving you more and more capabilities for completing your everyday tasks quickly and easily!


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New Abrites Video Added To Our Website: How To Program Keys For Toyota Tundra

In the latest Abrites video, now available on our website, we've got you covered on swiftly programming keys for the latest Toyota Tundra in an all-keys-lost situation.

The video will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless and efficient solution to tackle any lost key scenario.

In this video:

  • Tools needed: The video shows you the tools and software you need to complete this job.

  • Set-up overview: A quick rundown of the setup process to get straight into programming mode.

  • Step-by-step guide:  See the exact steps for programming a new key to the vehicle.

Programming keys for the Toyota Tundra has never been this accessible. Ready to get started? Click the play button and watch the new video by Abrites. You will get the knowledge and confidence to tackle any key programming challenge that comes your way.


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A new guide for installing lock cylinders is out, and it's a joint effort from big industry players: Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI), Door & Hardware Federation (DHF), Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), and Master Locksmiths Association (MLA).

This guide has been crafted in response to reports from association members, highlighting instances of improper installation and mishandling of cylinders, which have led to failures in functionality. That’s why it focuses on how to install euro profile cylinders in different locking devices correctly.

This guide is made for manufacturers, locksmiths and architectural ironmongers. Its goal is to improve industry practices, fix current problems, and set a better standard for everyone involved.

Key Features of the Guide

  1. Best Practices and Dos and Dont's: The guide presents a consolidated set of best practices, highlighting dos and don'ts in cylinder installation. This ensures that industry professionals have a reliable resource for avoiding common errors.

  2. Technical Expertise: Benefit from the expertise of industry leaders. The guide is a product of collaboration between trade federations and manufacturers, ensuring a well-rounded perspective on cylinder installation.

  3. Detailed Guidance: Specific instructions on the correct installation of euro profile cylinders are provided, catering to manufacturers, installers, and architectural ironmongers. The focus is on practical and actionable guidance to enhance competency levels across the industry.

Industry Voices

Justin Freeman, MLA Technical Manager said:“ MLA member locksmiths are very aware of problems with cylinders fitted incorrectly and the MLA was pleased to contribute to this installation guide to use as reference.”

Embracing Collaboration for Industry Growth

GAI Technical Manager, Douglas Masterson, who chaired the Working Group of industry experts, commented: “This was a great collaboration between the four trade associations as well as a number of cylinder manufacturers. It provides best practice advice on the dos and don'ts of cylinder installation, highlighting some common pitfalls along the way. We look forward to this being used by a wide cross-section of industry with the aim of increasing levels of competency in this area.”

How to Access the Guide

The installation guide is readily available and designed to serve as a valuable resource for locksmiths, installers, and architectural ironmongers. Click here to download the guide.


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Programming spare keys for a Renault Clio is generally easy and you can do that by OBD using the Abrites RR022 Special Function and an Abrites CB021 Bypass Cable.

However, things can get a bit trickier in an "All Keys Lost" (AKL) scenario, as you need to remove the vehicle's Hands-free Module to read the locked RH850 Processor and program the new key.

This article will guide you through all the necessary steps you need to follow to perform this procedure successfully.

What You'll Need:

  1. Abrites RR026 Special Function: to decrypt the Hands-free Immobilizer Data.
  2. ABRITES RR022 Special Function: to program keys for Clio V.
  3. Abrites RH850/V850 Programmer: essential for reading the locked RH850 Processor.
  4. A new remote key: the replacement key you want to program to the vehicle.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Connect the Abrites RH850 Programmer and AVDI Unit: plug them into your computer and launch the V850 Software from the Abrites Quickstart Menu.
  • Select RH850 and Hands-free Module: from the menu, select RH850 and then select the BCM/Hands-free Module from the options available.

  • Navigate Wiring Diagrams: click on the wiring diagrams and choose the correct one based on the circuit board layouts shown on the software and the one of your customer. Ensure it matches the module you're working on.

  • Solder and Remove Components: follow the selected wiring diagram and carefully solder and remove the indicated components.
  • Read MCU: close the diagram pop-up, double-check your soldering, and click "Read MCU." Once it’s read, the software will display the Immobilizer data to you.

  • Save Data and Close RH850 Software: save the data obtained and close the RH850 software.
  • Return to Quickstart Menu: go back to the Abrites Quickstart Menu, go to the Renault Software and select Online.
  • Select Vehicle Brand and Model: select the correct vehicle brand and module from the menu options - in this case, it will be a Renault Clio V.
  • Initiate Key Learning: click on Key Learning, then select Learn Keys.

  • Automatic Data Recognition: once the software reads vehicle information, it will automatically pick up the Immo data read by the RH850 software (ensure you perform both procedures using the same AVDI Unit).
  • Follow Step-by-Step Procedure: follow the step-by-step procedure provided by the software to program the new key.

By following these detailed steps, you can successfully program a new key for a Renault Clio V, even when your customer has lost all their keys.


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Smart Locks Are On The Rise: Is Your Business Ready?

Imagine a homeowner, let's call her Sarah, who has recently moved into a new neighbourhood. Sarah is concerned about the security of her home and her family's safety. Traditional locks and keys no longer suffice in a world where technology is revolutionising the way your customers secure their homes. She wants a comprehensive and smart lock that offers convenience and peace of mind.

Sarah's situation is not unique. Homeowners across the UK are increasingly looking for innovative solutions beyond traditional locks and your locksmith business needs to be ready to meet this growing demand.

In this article, we will explore the changing face of home security and 4 reasons why this could be the right moment to tap into the smart home security market and ensure that Sarah and countless others like her can sleep soundly at night.

The market is on the rise

The first reason is that the adoption and awareness of smart home devices are firmly on the up. As smart home devices become more user-friendly, UK homeowners are starting to show greater and greater interest in this new technology.

Interestingly, the market is registering a high level of interest among the over 55s1 who traditionally pay more attention to home security, a fact which takes us to the second piece of good news of our analysis.

Safety and security are key drivers of this growth

Home security is going to play a major role in the development and growth of the market with 48% of Brits1 interested in using smart technology for locks and security cameras.

This data highlights a shift towards more technologically advanced security solutions, presenting you with an opportunity to expand your services and cater to a growing market.

UK consumers want to buy from installers and physical retail stores

If you are a bit wary of entering the market because you think that online giants are going to take the lion’s share, well, things are not so clear-cut.

If 43% of UK customers look to sites such as Amazon and eBay for their devices, the remaining 67% is almost equally split between professional installers and DIY retailers leaving the majority of the market to locksmiths, ironmongers and hardware shops1.

You can increase your revenues with installation

Those stats also indicate that a significant portion of UK homeowners prefer having their smart locks installed by a skilled professional. This means that you have a great chance to further increase your profit margins as your new potential customers value the expertise and assurance that you can bring to the table.

Whether it's providing quality advice and support or ensuring a seamless installation process, there is room for you to add value and give your business an extra boost.

Combining high-quality solutions and your knowledge is the key

These findings paint a bright picture and future for the smart home security market although some concerns still surround smart home technologies. For instance, 62% of people are worried about the threat of smart homes being hacked1. This reinforces the need for you to provide your customers with high-quality solutions as well as your knowledge and expert support.

With that in mind, here at Keyprint we think that Danalock V.3 Smart Lock is the perfect addition to your range of traditional locks and cylinders. Danalock is fast, secure (it uses the same encryption technology used by the government and military to keep information secure) and simple to use.

Consider it as a motorised Euro cylinder that lets your customers control their doors anywhere they are with the free Android and Apple apps. Through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, they can also unlock doors and even lock them automatically after a set amount of time.                 

Additionally, because it works with a Euro cylinder, Danalock can turn into an easy upsell for you as you will be able to service the traditional cylinder and gain return key business as a result.

We can also provide videos, guides and more in-depth training sessions to help you understand the ins and outs of the smart locks that we offer so that you can have the confidence to answer your customers’ concerns and help them make the right choice for their home security.

1Smart Home Week: A Research Study, link:


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Why Fob Duplication Could Be The Perfect Addition To Your Key-Cutting Business

Are you already offering a fob duplication service to your customers? If the answer is no, keep reading this article as we will break down why it could be a great addition to your key-cutting business.

As technology advances, people are looking for more convenient and innovative ways to secure their homes and businesses. That means that more and more of your customers are replacing traditional locks in favour of digital alternatives. That's where adding fob duplication steps in, allowing you to meet the growing demand for this service and increase your revenue.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of offering fob duplication, including the potential for increased profits, the ability to reach a broader customer base, and the ability to differentiate yourself from competitors. Let’s see why:

Increase Your Profits

One of the main benefits of fob duplication is the potential for increased profits. As more people adopt the use of fobs to secure their homes and businesses, the demand for fob duplication services continues to grow. By offering this service, you can tap into a new revenue stream and give your business a boost. Fob duplication is often a high-margin service, so you can increase your profit margins as well.

Widen Your Customer Base

Offering fob duplication services also allows you to reach a broader customer base. Traditional locksmithing services may appeal to homeowners and small business owners.

Fob duplication services allow you to reach a broader customer base as it may appeal to a wider audience including office buildings and property managers.

Differentiate Yourself from Competitors

Fob duplication is a new and specialised service, and not all locksmiths and key cutters can do that. Offering that service sets you apart from your competitors and attracts new customers.

Do you think that fob duplication could be a good fit for your key-cutting business? Here are some of the steps you can follow to start offering this service:


Before stepping into the realm of fob duplication, you should get a solid grip on the technology and processes behind it. Start by researching the various types of fobs used in your area and how you can duplicate them. You may also consider attending training sessions and webinars to gain the necessary skills.

Supplier and Equipment Selection

Choose your fob duplication equipment and tools carefully. Look for reputable suppliers and compare options based on your budget and requirements. Ensure the equipment you select can handle a variety of fob types and is user-friendly, making the duplication process smooth and efficient. At Keyprint Security, we can offer you high-quality solutions that combine great coverage and ease of use such as:

  • The ICopy-XS Fob Cloner which represents the perfect tool to provide your customers with duplicate electronic cards and fobs. With its wide coverage, you will be able to copy not only low-frequency fobs but also high-frequency, high-security fobs and cards currently not cloneable by other devices on the market such as the Smart Card Deluxe. The ICopy-XS is also easy to use. Place the card/fob on the device and with a few presses of one single button, you can read and copy them. It also comes with instructions and free updates to always stay ahead of the curve.
  • The PX1 Paxton Fob Copier, a dedicated standalone device that allows you to copy blue, red, yellow and green-ringed Paxton in seconds providing a specialistic extra level of service to your customers. The device is completely self-contained so you won't need an extra battery pack to use it.

Our website and YouTube channel also feature a variety of how-to videos to help you use your devices and make a profit from day one.

Pricing and Relationships

You should determine a competitive pricing strategy that takes into consideration your costs, labour, and profit margins.

Building connections is also crucial. Try to establish relationships with property managers, real estate agents, business owners, and others who could enjoy your services. Those relationships can be your foundation for steady business growth.


Update your shop, website, business cards, and social media profiles to promote your new fob duplication service. You may consider running promotional offers to attract early customers. Do not forget to encourage reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations too.

Knowledge and Updates

Stay informed about advancements in fob technology. Keep an eye out for software updates or new equipment as the industry evolves. Make sure you are knowledgeable about different fob types and systems to provide a great service to your customers.

This is one of the most important points. The quality of your service will allow you to build your reputation over time and gain happy returning customers. If you need a little boost, our personalised fobs may come in handy. Engraved with your contact details, they will make sure that your customers never forget your name when they need a new fob duplicated.


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Fail Safe vs Fail Secure: What’s the Difference?

Electric strikes are an important part of a security system, as they provide a secure and controlled entry point for individuals who are authorised to access a building or area and are typically used in conjunction with an electronic access control system. While they both serve the same basic function, not all electric strikes are created equal, and there are two main types: fail safe and fail secure.

As locksmiths, understanding the difference between fail-safe and fail-secure electric strikes is crucial for recommending the right solution to your customers based on their specific needs and security requirements.

By offering your expert guidance and installing the appropriate electric strike, you can make sure that your customers will have solutions that achieve the appropriate balance between safety and security. Let’s see what the main difference is between these two types of locks:

  • Fail-safe products are unlocked when power is removed. Power is applied in order to lock the door and prevent access.
  • Fail-secure products are locked when power is removed. Power is applied in order to unlock the door and allow access.

Fail-Safe Locks

Fail-safe locks open when power is lost so they are the go-to choice for situations where your project requires prioritising quick and safe exit in emergencies. In an emergency, power is cut and doors can swing freely, allowing people inside to leave the building safely.

Imagine you're working on securing a commercial building with a controlled access system. In this scenario, you would typically recommend a fail-safe electric strike for the main entrance. Here's why:

  • Normal Operation: During regular business hours, the access control system is powered, keeping the electric strike locked. People can enter by presenting their access cards or credentials.
  • Emergency Situations: In case of a power outage or during a fire alarm, the fail-safe electric strike automatically unlocks. This ensures that occupants can swiftly exit the building without requiring any additional manual intervention or delays.

Fail-Secure Locks

Fail-secure electric strikes should be your preferred choice for high-security applications where maintaining a locked state is paramount, such as server rooms or areas with valuable assets. In case of a power outage, fail-secure locks will automatically lock keeping assets safe from intruders.

Let's say you're working on securing a confidential server room within a company's office space. In this case, you would likely recommend a fail-secure electric strike:

  • Normal Operation: During business hours, the server room should remain locked to unauthorised personnel. Therefore, you'd install a fail-secure electric strike, which stays locked when powered.
  • Security Priority: The server room contains sensitive data and valuable equipment, making security a top priority. In this situation, even during power outages or system failures, the strike will stay locked preventing unauthorised access at all times.


Types of Hardware Available for Fail Safe and Fail Secure Locking

Electric Strikes

Electric strikes replace the regular strike and come in both fail-safe and fail-secure models, with either regular or panic hardware. The spring-loaded keeper on the electric strike controls the latch bolt of the lock or panic hardware. When access is allowed, the keeper is freed and the latch bolt can be pulled through the keeper in order to open the door.

Electro-Magnetic Locks

An electromagnetic lock is electrified and controlled by a card reader, remote release, or other access control device. A fail-secure lockset is locked on the secure side when there is no power to the lock. When power is applied due to someone tapping a card on a reader or entering a keypad code, the magnet is powered off and the door is unlocked.

Your knowledge of the differences between fail-safe and fail-secure electric strikes allows you to provide the best solutions to your customers. Whether enhancing security or ensuring emergency exit, the choice between fail-safe and fail-secure strikes plays a vital role in creating effective access control systems for them.


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Peterson picks: slender vs standard

Your customer is locked out, you approach the lock but you can’t fit your pick into the keyway or you find really hard to manoeuvre the pins inside the lock. Good chances are you are attacking a lock with a narrow “paracentric” keyway.

To solve this issue, most manufacturers have come up with picks which are thinner than your standard tools. This gives you more options when choosing your picks but, on the other hand, can make it harder to choose the set that is right for you and the locks you normally find in your job.

Three thicknesses to pick them all

As you can see in the picture below, Peterson picks come in three different thicknesses.

Peterson picks slender vs standard

Different thicknesses mean a different degree of flexibility and stress resistance and, as you can already guess, different pros and cons. To find out more about the benefits of each width, watch our short explainer video here:


To sum up

Peterson picks

Which Peterson picks should I get?

If you work on locks with a standard keyway, you should get the “standard” 0.025” picks (click here to see the range) that will be very useful in most locks. They will also generally last longer than a thinner pick.

If you are finding a lot of locks with narrow keyways in your area you should definitely add a selection of slimmer picks to your sets. Although thinner than a 0.025” pick, they are made of Peterson Government Steel tooThat guarantees excellent resistance and durability so that you won’t need to change them every month.

If you are heavy-handed on the lock, then the new line of 0.018” slender picks (click here to see the range) is a good compromise that should perfectly suit your style of picking. They are thin and will give you enough room to work on the pins while offering a greater level of resistance to stress and tension of lock picking than the slimmer 0.015” picks (click here to see the pick sets).

In addition to being thinner, Peterson Euro Profile Slenders are also designed with a “Euro” shank, which simply means a reduction in shank height. This shank reduction makes it much easier to access tighter keyways and get more leverage within the lock.

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We have just launched our new YouTube Channel

We are excited to announce the launch of our official YouTube channel! Our channel will feature a diverse range of content, including product demos, tutorials, how-to guides, and much more.

We have created this channel to share our expertise, insights, and knowledge with you. By subscribing, you'll gain access to valuable resources that can help you grow your business and improve your skills. Plus, you'll be the first to know about our latest products and industry news.

To stay up-to-date with all the latest videos we will be publishing, simply click on the link below and subscribe to our channel:

We are happy to invite you to our online webinar "Increase Your Sales With Fob Cloning" which will be held on Thursday 23rd February at 10:00 am.

With access control systems on the rise, the demand for fob duplication is constantly growing.

In this free webinar, you will learn all about the latest fob cloning solutions available, and how they can help you expand your services, increase your sales and better serve your customers.

You will also get the opportunity to see product demos and ask any questions you may have.

Register now to secure your spot! 

To register for this free webinar please click here.

DPD is restricting deliveries to certain postcodes

We have been informed by DPD that they will be limiting deliveries to certain postcodes due to an increase in workload from postal strikes and the holiday season.

DPD anticipate delays of up to 48 hours and the postcodes impacted are shown on their website.

We are sorry for any inconvenience or disruption the situation may cause and rest assured that we are doing our best to address the issue and minimize any negative effects on you.

We appreciate your understanding and patience. Please let us know if you need any assistance or have any questions.

Discover The New ZN003 Protag Programmer V2

We are happy to present to you the new and improved ZN003 PROTAG V2, the next-generation key and transponder programmer developed by Abrites.

The new generation ZN003 PROTAG Programmer is the latest upgrade to Abrites powerful key programming tool.

The ZN003 contains the full functionality of the ZN002 and expands its capabilities. With the PROTAG you can perform operations with keys and transponders, used in the latest authentication systems and immobilizers.

The ZN003 is durable and ergonomically shaped to provide additional ease of usage, equipped with 3 slots for different types of transponders. One of the slots is specially developed for Mercedes-Benz truck keys such as the new Abrites TA69. The design is optimised to eliminate transponder positioning errors and maximise efficiency.

ZN003 PROTAG is ready to program all keys and transponders produced by Abrites, as well as a vast variety of OEM ones. It is the ultimate key programming tool for professional locksmiths.

Moreover, the ZN003 PROTAG is user-friendly, efficient, and reliant. It is now battery-powered with an option for USB-type C connectivity so that you can always count on it.

It is also Bluetooth-ready, with suitable software for using its Bluetooth connectivity on the way.

You can find out more about the ZN003 PROTAG V2 here:

Celebrating 10 years of National Home Security Month with Keyprint Security

We are proud to be supporting this year’s National Home Security Month (NHSM) campaign. NHSM is an annual campaign run by leading security specialist, Yale, and this year the team are proud to be celebrating its tenth consecutive campaign. As it’s been for the last decade, National Home Security Month’s main aim is to raise the importance of home security to homeowners across the UK. And now 10 years later, NHSM continues to push home security to the forefront throughout October.

With the clocks going back and autumn on the doorstep, October is a particularly prevalent time for domestic burglaries, making improved home security an even bigger priority for homeowners. With a survey from Yale also revealing that two thirds of Brits haven’t upgraded their home security in the last two years1, there’s no better time to ensure your home security is up to scratch.

Enlisting the help of the trusted home security experts at Yale, National Home Security Month will be sharing their knowledge and expertise to best advice the areas of the home that need prioritising at this time of year. By ensuring high-risk areas such as the front door, garages and sheds are secured, homeowners can rest assured their home, family, and belongings are protected.

Alongside their top tips and advice, the experts will also be sharing the best home security products on the market to ensure homes have heightened security over the vulnerable autumn period.

From smart security products, including smart alarms, CCTV systems, and smart locks, to a range of mechanical solutions including 3-star cylinders, padlocks and safes, the campaign will feature high-quality security products to update the protection of any home.

For more information and handy tips and advice from this year’s National Home Security Month from Yale, visit or search #NHSM2022 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

1A poll of 2000 UK Adults (Nationally Representative) run by OnePoll, commissioned by Yale UK, 2022.

Discover the new UPVC Product Catalogue

We are really excited to announce the release of our new UPVC Product Catalogue. In the past few months, we have worked hard to expand our range of gearboxes, overnight locks and handles to make sure you can find a wider choice of quality solutions for your jobs.

Packed full of helpful information and organised into colour-coded sections, the new UPVC Product Catalogue includes high-quality images and technical drawings to help you quickly identify the correct replacement for your customer's gearbox and order the right product. It also features our new range of standard security and 2-star handles to suit your customers' security requirements and budget.

Highlights of the UPVC Product Catalogue include:

  • A wide choice of products from leading brands to make sure you can find quality solutions for your jobs.
  • Detailed information on our range of gearboxes, overnight locks and handles.
  • High-quality images and technical drawings.
  • Merchandising solutions to help you display your stock and increase sales.

Request your physical copy with your next order by emailing or download a digital copy here: Brochure.pdf

The ASSA ABLOY Door Hardware & Access Control Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new intumescent kit range, which ensures the integrity of a fire doorset is not compromised by morticed ironmongery. These new kits will be available for some of the brand’s most popular CE marked locks, hinges and latches.

Morticing can cause hinges, locks, latches and concealed door closers to no longer meet the requirements for fire door safety. The new kits from the ASSA ABLOY Door Hardware & Access Control Group provide intumescent sheets made from an ultra-thin and flexible graphite material, which allows for high levels of expansion and insulation, preventing heat transfer on ironmongery rebated into timber fire doorsets.

Suitable for both 30 and 60-minute applications on timber doors, the intumescent sheets arrive pre-cut for a selected range of ASSA ABLOY ironmongery. This includes ASSA modular locks and the ASSA ABLOY DC840A and DC860 concealed door closers, plus UNION’s new CodeGUARD 5 push-button lock, a number of UNION hinges, the UNION HD26 tubular latch and the StrongBOLT® mortice lock range.

The intumescent sheets have a self-adhesive backing, which means they can be quickly and easily applied to ironmongery, and therefore ensure an easy installation into the prepared door.

Sabrina Bettles, Product Category Manager at the ASSA ABLOY Door Hardware & Access Control Group, explains: “In response to growing concerns around the long-term integrity of fire doorsets and the impact that morticing can potentially have on rebated ironmongery, these new kits have been launched to deliver assured levels of protection for installers and end users.

“Our new intumescent kits are incredibly easy for installers to handle, and have been tested and comply with our hardware to BS EN 1634-1: 2008 for 30 and 60 minute timber door ratings, which offers complete safety for end users.

“Other intumescent materials on the market will typically be fibrous and thicker and can be prone to snapping, while also generally being harder to wrap around products. In comparison, the intumescent sheets we offer as part of our new kits contain no fibres or irritants and are only 0.8mm thick, which means minimal rebating is needed. They are very flexible and clean to work with and are unaffected by moisture, humidity, atmospheric pollution and other common chemical substances.

“Furthermore, the fact that the intumescent sheets are supplied pre-cut means installers can be confident in the solution being perfectly designed for ASSA ABLOY’s range, providing peace of mind that these kits will help ensure integrity for fire doorsets.”

New videos: picking & decoding a TOY48 and a VA2 lock

Mr. Li's Quad-Lifter Picks can be a bit complicated to master and today we wanted to share two new videos to show you how to use them to pick and decode a TOY48 and a VA2 lock. Click below to watch them on our website and if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click on the image to watch how to pick and decode a TOY48 lock


Click on the image to watch how to pick and decode a VA2 lock


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Automotive Lock Picking & Decoding Training Courses


  • Location: Keyprint Security, 45 Assembly Street, Edinburgh, EH6 7BQ.
  • Duration: one-day course from 9:30 am to 4:30pm.
  • Next available dates: 12th April.
  • How to book: To enquire about this course or book please email or call 0131 555 0909.
  • We will provide lunch as well as all training aides, locks and consumables.
  • Product Code: TRAINING-AD


Outline of the course:

This course is designed to provide you with the essential techniques to open the most popular vehicles currently available in the UK. It will focus on key principles and techniques for the following vehicle groups: VAG, Vauxhall/Opel, Peugeot, Ford and Nissan.

In addition to lock opening, the course will cover decoding the locks after picking using Mr. Li’s 2-in-1 picks and key generation. The course is practical with hands-on training.


The course will cover:

  • Mr Li’s 2in1 Pick and Decoders are the next generation of tools that have been developed to open locks and decode the locks. This information can then be used to produce a working mechanical key.
  • Laser and standard locks for the following makes of cars: Vauxhall/Opel, Peugeot, Nissan, Ford and VAG group.
  • Key generation using electronic key machines and software.
  • Broken Key Extraction can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. This part of the course will allow you to use the different extractors for the various locks in the market - including vehicle locks.

Training Tools: Mr Li’s 2 in 1 Laser Pick and Decoding, Broken Key Extracting Kit.

Next available dates: 12th April. For price and to book please email or call us on 0131 555 0909.


Non-Destructive Cylinder Lock Picking & Bypass Tools


  • Location: Keyprint Security, 45 Assembly Street, Edinburgh, EH6 7BQ.
  • Duration: one-day course from 9:30 am to 4:30pm.
  • Next available dates: 13th April.
  • How to book: To enquire about this course or book please email or call 0131 555 0909.
  • We will provide lunch as well as all training aides, locks and consumables.
  • Product Code: TRAINING-DCO.



There is a source of deep satisfaction for Locksmiths when a lock is hand-picked open. This course will focus on the Peterson Pick Sets, Souber Key Jigglers, and HPC Tubular Pick. The lock types covered using these tools are euro/oval profile cylinders, rim type cylinders, cam/furniture locks, radial pin locks. The course is practical with hands-on training, therefore we strongly recommend participants bring their tools and use them to gain useful experience.


This course will cover the following tools:

  • Single-pin picking: you will learn more about the various picks and tension tools that are included in hand-pick sets. The training will cover locks on the bench in addition to those fitted in situation and you will practice various techniques of picking depending on the pick type and locks used. 
  • Jigglers: a must-have tool that you can use to manipulate wafer-type locks such as cam and furniture locks.
  • Pick guns: The course will cover features of a variety of Electro pick guns, i.e. adjusting movement of the picking needle depending on the width of the key profile. The optional picking needles will be discussed and demonstrated.
  • Lock bypassing: you will learn how to bypass the lock mechanism to open numerous locks and padlocks such as Euro-profile cylinders with thumb-turn, shutter bullet pin locks, pin-type furniture locks, and basic padlocks. In addition, you will learn to bypass latched doors.
  • Broken Key Extraction: this can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. This part of the course will allow you to use different extractors for the various locks on the market - including vehicle locks.

Training Tools: Hand Pick Sets, Electro Pick Guns, Picking Needles, Plug Spinner, Bypass sets, Broken Key Extraction Kit.

Next available dates: 13th April. For price and to book please email or call us on 0131 555 0909.



Quick-Access Entry


  • Location: Keyprint Security, 45 Assembly Street, Edinburgh, EH6 7BQ.
  • Duration: one-day course from 9:30 am to 4:30pm.
  • Next available dates: 14th April.
  • How to book: To enquire about this course or book please email or call 0131 555 0909.
  • We will provide lunch as well as all training aides, locks and consumables.
  • Product Code: TRAINING-DCO.



Non-destructive entry may be your desired method of entry in all situations. However, this is not always possible. This course centres around tools and techniques that will provide an effective and reliable alternative method of entry when non-destructive.

This course will cover the following tools:

  • Bell Puller: a very useful tool to extract the core on flush-fitted euro and oval cylinders. In addition, core extraction of rim-type lock mechanisms will be covered. The course will cover the key principles of using the tool effectively and cover all the accessories which are provided in the kit.
  • Souber Magi Burrs and Hardened Drill Bits: the course will teach you how to correctly drill a cylinder in order to avoid damaging the door.
  • Letterbox Tool: the course will teach you how to use this tool and gain a simple and efficient solution to open a door. 

Training Tools: Bell Puller Kit, Euro and Oval Snapper, Souber Magi Burrs and Hardpalte Drills Bits.

Next available dates: 14th April. For price and to book please email or call us on 0131 555 0909.

Updating your ICopy-XS Fob Cloner is easy and it will allow you to get all the latest functionalities and offer a top-notch service to your customers.

Step 1. Go online to generate the firmware update

  • Once your update is generated, click "Download file" to download it to your pc/laptop.

  • Go to "PC mode" on the ICopy-XS menu and connect the device to your pc/laptop using the supplied USB cable. Delete any file that ends in “.ipk” from the ICOPY-X directory.


  •  Copy the newly downloaded upgrade “.ipk” file into the ICOPY-X directory.


Step 2. Install the update

  • Go to the "About" menu on the ICopy-XS and press OK.

  • Use the arrows to scroll down to the second page and press OK again.

  •  Now press Start to install the update.

  • The update will start and will be automatically installed at the end of the process.

  • Done!

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Discover The New Abrites AVDI Special Functions Available To you




The latest Abrites solution for VAG component protection offers support for more Audi and Volkswagen models. VN017 allows you to:

  • Read/Update component protection bytes of Lear Gateway.
  • Replacement of all component protection-related modules, if both the donor and host gateways are present.
  • Replacement of the dashboard - by OBD (no need for the donor gateway, also the original dashboard is NOT required).
  • Replacement of the infotainment module - by OBD (no need for the donor gateway, also the original infotainment module is NOT required).
  • Replacement of Central Electric Module (CEM) - by dump (no need for the donor gateway, also the original CEM is NOT required).

Supported models (models with gateway LEAR):

  • Audi A6/A7/A8 2010-2017
  • VW Touareg 2010-2017

In order to purchase the VN017 Special Function, you will need the VN002 as well as an active AMS.




MN030 is the latest development dedicated to odometer calibration and module replacement by OBDII for dashboards of FBS4 vehicles equipped with IC213 or IC222 dashboard. It allows you to:

  • Block synchronisation between the Instrument Cluster and the EZS (for models with IC213).
  • Successful mileage calibration.
  • Modules replacement (dashboard) - Make virgin and Adapt.
  • Different retrofit options like updating from analogue to digital dials.

Supported models:

  • W213
  • W205
  • W222
  • W217
  • W238
  • W253
  • W257
  • W463
  • W447 (with IC213)
  • related models

Models with dashboard IC222 (require emulator*)

*EM008/EM009/EM014 is used for w205 and w222.


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InstaCode Subscription vs InstaCode Live: how to choose the best solution for your business?

InstaCode Subscription or InstaCode Live? What are the differences? Which one should I get? If those are the questions that keep you awake or you simply want to know more about this fantastic key data software, keep reading this blog post as we are going to analyse what features and benefits they share, what sets them apart and help you decide which is the best solution for you and your business. 

Firstly, InstaCode 1-year Subscription and InstaCode Live are two “variants” of the same data software for key cutting machines with one main difference: InstaCode Subscription consists of a subscription (the clue is in the name) to a software that you install onto a pc or laptop and you can then run offline. InstaCode Live is a licence that gives you access to an online service from a device of your choice (the browser of your pc, the smartphone app you name it etc.).

Before talking about their differences though, let's take a look at what features and benefits they have in common.

Main common features:

  • They include cross-referencing for 132+ key blank manufacturers, over 70,000 references, 8000+ key code series and 3 billion+ (yes billions!) key codes.
  • They include Images of key blanks and keyways that display space & depth information, flat widths, angles, measurements, card numbers and other relevant key cutting information on vehicle and household keys.
  • They both offer a very intuitive interface.
  • Printouts of whole code series (for use in your van).
  • You can search for bittings across a range of code series.
  • They support the widest range of key machines.
  • They both offer instructional guides for transponders and info on opening vehicles.

Single vs Multi:

The first big difference between the two variants is the platforms and devices that they work on. You can run InstaCode Subscription only on a Windows pc or laptop thus being a good option if you have a shop or don't plan to use it on the go that often. You also won't need to chase your wifi signal around the shop or worry about the internet going down right when you need to access your software as it runs offline once you have activated it.

InstaCode Live gives you much more flexibility because you can run it on and access the online service from multiple platforms (Windows, IOS, Android) and devices (pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.). This means, for example, that you can download the InstaCode app to your phone and easily access codes even from a van or the side of the road. A very welcome addition especially if you are a mobile or an auto locksmith.

The only downside is that it requires an internet connection at all times so you may lose access to the service if you are in an area with a poor internet connection.

Pricing Structure:

Here things start to get really interesting as the pricing structure is one of the most important differences between InstaCode and InstaCode Live.

Whereas the only option available for Instacode Subscription is a one-off yearly payment, InstaCode Live comes in various plans as you can see from the table below:

This might be a very attractive feature if, for example, you only focus on domestic services or if you are an auto locksmith who only needs automotive codes and information. You can choose a plan tailored to your needs, so you don't subscribe to (and waste money on) features that aren't relevant to your business and you will never use.

To sum things up here is a table providing a brief comparison of the two options:


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Invest in your business with a lease plan

Are you thinking about investing in new equipment in the new year? A lease plan may be a good option to help you get hold of the equipment you need to grow your business without hitting your cash flow.

What are the advantages of a lease plan?

  • Manage your cash flow. You can spread the payment of your new machine out over several years, saving the burden of a one-time payment. This will financially help you because it won't leave your business with a tight cash flow.
  • Great key machines are affordable. Because you can spread the payment, you can also invest in good quality equipment which might look too expensive or unaffordable otherwise.
  • Immediate access to the equipment your business needs. Because of cash flow constraints, you can fall behind your competitors if you keep putting off that much-needed investment. Leasing a machine means that you don't have to wait for savings to pay it upfront. Your new key machine can be in your shop or van and generate profit within days. 
  • An investment that pays for itself. With a shiny new machine in your shop or van ready to cut keys, you will say yes more often to your customers and increase your business. Ultimately, you will be able to repay your leasing with money generated by your new equipment.
  • Suitable for new, growing, or established businesses. Leasing a key machine can be a viable option to get the equipment you need to kick-start your locksmith or key cutting business.


Additionally, our leasing plans offer:

  • No hefty deposit or down payment.
  • Fixed rates for the length of the agreement.
  • Major tax advantages as every payment is 100% allowable against tax.

Interested in leasing a new key machine? Check our range of key cutting machines to find out more about the lease options available to you. Alternatively, send an email to or call us on 0131 555 0909 to discuss with our dedicated team of experts.

*Please note: All leasing options are subject to approval.

How To Duplicate a Mifare Classic Card Using ICopy-XS

With ICopy-XS you will be able to easily duplicate high-frequency Mifare Classic cards aTo duplicate a Yale Conexis fob you'll need:

  • Switch on ICopy-XS and place your customer's card on the RFID area

  • Press Ok to start reading the card via the Autocopy procedure 

  • After scanning the card, you will see on the screen some options to retrieve the missing keys needed to finish reading it

  • Press Arrow down to go to Option 4 and then press the Right button to go Pc mode. Now connect Icopy-XS to your pc/laptop and press Start

  • Once you have connected ICopy-XS to your Pc/laptop you will see on your screen an external device called "ICOPY-X". Open it and go to the application named "AUTO-Hardnest".

  • Double click on the application to open it. Click Read Card to retrieve the missing keys. Please note that you have to keep the original card on the RFID are at all time during this procedure.

  • Click OK and disconnect ICopy-XS from your PC/laptop. On the device, go back to the Autocopy procedure using the Cancel button and then press OK to read the card.

  • Now you have successfully read the card and you can copy it onto a blank M1-4B fob!

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The Abrites AVDI December Promotion runs until Friday 17th December 2021

Details are as follows:

  • Abrites AVDI December Promo Starter Package (AVDI + PROTAG + Distribution Box) £949 plus VAT.
  • 25% discount off ALL Abrites Special Functions.
  • 30% discount off ALL Abrites Special Functions if you spend more than £1,799 + VAT (per ID) - please contact us on 0131 555 0909 or email to enjoy this discount.
  • 35% discount off ALL Abrites Special Functions if you spend more than £3,599 + VAT (per ID) - please contact us on 0131 555 0909 or email to enjoy this discount.


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How To Duplicate a High-Frequency Fob Using ICopy-XS

With ICopy-XS you will be able to easily duplicate high-frequency fobs for some of the most popular systems in the UK such as Yale Conexis.

To duplicate a Yale Conexis fob you'll need:

Step 1. Read The Yale Conexis Fob

  • Switch on ICopy-XS and place your customer's tag on the RFID area

  • Press the Scan/Read/Write Button to start reading the fob

  • Once ICopy-XS has finished reading the tag, press the button again

  • The machine will indicate on the screen which blank fob you have to use. In this case, it's an M1-4b fob as you are copying a high-frequency one


Step 2. Writing the New Fob

  • Place the blank M1-4B fob onto the RFID area

  • Press the Scan/Read/Write Button to start writing the fob

  • Job done!


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In the latest version of the Abrites Diagnostics for Tesla vehicles, the Abrites team has introduced new functionalities for some of the most popular Tesla models.

Key Programming

We would like to start with the key programming by OBD. From now on, you will be able to program additional keys for Tesla models S and X. The procedure is done in the vehicle and will be available with the new TS001 Special Function.

Airbag Manager

The second useful feature you will be able to access with the latest Tesla diagnostics by Abrites is Airbag Manager. With the help of the Airbag manager, you will effortlessly perform Airbag exchange, read and update data in the module, clear crash data, and change the VIN in Bosch units. For Delphi units, you will be able to read the EEPROM and clear crash data. In order to complete all the airbag-related procedures, you will need the new TS002 Special Function.

For details on how to carry out all these procedures, you can order the TS001 and TS002 special functions from our website, or contact our Sales Team if you need more info.

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Discover The New Abrites AVDI Special Functions Available To you




Special function PN019 allows you to perform changes to various coding parameters in the modules of PSA vehicles including 2021 models.

This allows you to both to change current configuration parameters and to perform retrofits in the vehicle and coding them as though they were originally fitted to the car in question. 




Special function MN029 will allow you to perform odometer calibration by OBDII for W205/W222/W213 dashboards.

In order to complete the procedure, the Abrites MN029 special function and EM014 emulator are required. Only users with active AMS will be able to acquire it.




Special function TN011 will allow you to program keys to hybrid Toyota Corolla (2018+) and Toyota Camry (2017+) vehicles with HITAG-AES keys completely by OBDII. 




Special function HK010 will allow you to neutralise ECUs on the bench. This functionality will be available with the new Abrites special function HK010. It will be incredibly useful since the ECU neutralisation will be possible even without the donor vehicle or its immobiliser.




A new update will allow you to program keys for JLR vehicles produced after 2020. Starting with the Land Rover Defender and Range Rover Evoque, we will very soon release key programming functionality where customers will be able to add a key to those vehicles. All subsequent vehicles released by JLR based on that platform will also be covered by this solution. ABRITES keys will be required for the procedure.


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Discover how you can use tHESE Two cylinder functions IN YOUR PROJECTS

With cylinder systems now offering many different options to secure a door, choosing the best lock function can be crucial for your next project.

That's why we have created two new videos that give you more info about some of the most popular cylinder functions available. Click below to watch them and we hope you find them useful!



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Why should I choose a master key plan for my business?

Does your office manager have to carry a very large bunch of keys around? Do you keep losing track of who has access to what in your building? Then a master key system may be what you need to balance ease of access and increase the security of your property and business at the same time. 

A master key system is a simple and effective solution to balance high levels of security and ease of access to a property as it allows authorised personnel to open a defined set of doors and locks with just one key.

What are the benefits of a master key system?

  • Convenient. You will be able to lock and unlock several doors without carrying a large bunch of keys. For example, landlords or business owners will be able to open all the doors in a building or property with just one key.
  • Access control. Master key systems also work as modern mechanical access control systems. You can give employees access only to their department or may have one key for your office manager which opens the cleaners cupboard and all of the conference rooms—but not the director's office. Furthermore, if you combine a master key plan with a patented cylinder system, nobody will duplicate your keys without your permission.
  • Enhanced Security. Access control means you will track who has access to which door inside your building. For instance, you will know exactly who has access to the servers or who can open the files room.
  • Cost-effective. With a master key system, you will save money by not handing out multiple keys to every employee thus minimising the risk of lost and stolen keys. And if an employee loses their key, you don’t have to rekey the whole building but only the set of locks they had access to.
  • Flexible. A master key system is a great way to increase your business security because it can be integrated with electronic access control solution. You can also add more doors and locks to the original master key.


How does a master key system work?

Let’s have a look at how the hierarchy system works in a master key plan:


  • Grand Master Key. Often shortened in GMK, it is the key that opens all the locks and doors in the plan. This key will open every master system under it, and the subsequent sub-master keys under those systems. For example, it may be given to the business owner so that they can access the whole building or property.
  • Master Key. Shortened in ‘MK’. It would be given to a floor manager to access all the departments on their floor. In smaller systems, this can be the highest-ranking key.
  • Sub Master Key. Often shortened in SMK. It opens all the doors in a specific sub-suite. It may be the key given to the head of a department to access all the offices in that area of the building.
  • All other keys handed to employees will only open one specific lock or a set of keyed-alike locks.



If you want to discuss how we can create a master key system to suit your business requirements, please contact us either by sending an email to or calling 0131 555 0909. 

Our key blank range is increasing

Our key blank range continues to increase as we have recently added 20 fast-moving key blanks to our website. The new blanks include the Silca Universal UlO50X, the Silca Maxus MXU2 and the Genuine Union 112A as well as key blanks for many other popular brands like Abus, Cisa and Yale.

Click here to discover the new key references added to our website.

Discover the new Silca Unocode F-Series

Silca UNOCODE F-Series is Silca's all-in-one solution for duplicating flat keys, automating the key feeding, engraving, cutting and sorting.

Discover how to improve the speed and quality of your service to the customer optimizing working flows and times dramatically enhancing your business performance.

Designed for specialist locksmiths, Silca’s latest electronic key cutting machines automate and simplify the complete key duplication process to improve the speed and quality of service to your customer. Faster key duplication means significantly improved returns on each key sold for you.

The Silca Unocode F-Series Range Overview 



Main Features

For the Unocode F Series key machines Silca have developed an entirely new software, engineered specifically to make your job easier and quicker. The new interface can also be customised according to your needs, so that you can keep within easy reach the functions you use most frequently. Cutting cards comparison available on board, code tables available on board and you can rename the cutting cards you use most frequently and reorder them according to your needs. Also when decoding a key, you don’t have to select a cutting card first.

The camera reader decodes the key cuts and provides you with a shortlist of cards from which you can choose the one you need.

The integrated industrial 10-inch touch-screen display tilts to give the perfect viewing angle and you have full connectivity with connection both via Wi-Fi and via Ethernet to the local LAN Network, 4 USB ports, a HDMI port to connect an external screen and the ability to connect a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Each machine comes with a 2-year warranty as standard with an extended warranty option also available either at the time of purchase or before the expiration of the standard warranty.

Call us today on 0131 555 0909  or email us at if you need more info or want to arrange a virtual demonstration of the new machines.

New update available for your Abrites EM001 Emulator

The ABRITES ESL emulator for Mercedes-Benz (EM001) is one of the most advanced ESL emulators currently available on the market.

The latest update allows you to use it withuse with the following new models:

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (blade and IR key).
  • Vito (IR key).
  • Dodge Sprinter (blade and IR key).
  • Freightliner Sprinter (blade and IR key).
  • Volkswagen Crafter (IR key).

In case you have one already, start your Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes-Benz software and update to the latest version, then you will be able to use it with said models. 

You can download the emulator update if you click here.


Dear Customer, 

We would like to begin by thanking all our customers for their patience and understanding in these unprecedented and somewhat surreal times.  

Our next step is to start a limited opening to support those customers who are still open and those who will be planning to open soon. 

This week beginning 4th May 2020 we will be open from 10 am until 3 pm. We will endeavour to despatch all orders received but ask for your patience. 

Our trade counter will also be open for order collection. 

Our small team currently working in the offices, trade counter and warehouse are observing strict distancing measures to ensure a safe environment for anyone attending our premises.  

Further updates will be communicated to you via email and our social media channels.  

Please stay safe and follow Government guidelines to protect yourself and your families. 

Once again, thank you for your on-going support. 

Kind regards, 

Nagib Jiwa 

Dear customer, 

Following the introduction of current Government restrictions to fight the Coronavirus spread, we have taken the decision to temporarily close commencing from tomorrow Wednesday 25th March. 

We will aim to still support our customers providing services to vital workers and that this can be achieved by emailing 

In line with Government guidelines, we will reassess the situation in three weeks. Further updates will be communicated to you via email and our social media channels. 

We support the Government’s efforts to reduce the spread of this virus in order to save lives and reduce the strain on our national health service. Please follow Government instructions to keep yourself and your families safe. 

On behalf of all the staff at Keyprint Security, thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you in the near future. 

Kind regards, 

Nagib Jiwa 

Coronavirus Update
17 March 2020

Coronavirus Updates

Dear customer, 

We wanted to inform you that, in response to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, we have taken several measures to protect our staff and make sure we are able to provide you with our regular level of service: 

  • We have implemented new policies to reduce contacts of our staff members with external visitors and contractors. 

  • We have special provisions in place to enhance regular cleaning of all work areas as well as our trade counter which will remain open until notice of store closures issued by the Government. 

  • We have implemented government policies on how to minimise potential risks. 

With these measures in place, our services remain unaffected: 

We would like to thank you for your continued support. We will keep you updated with any further development. 

Discover the new Silca ID49 solution

We are thrilled to announce that Silca has just released on the market the first worldwide solution for cloning ID49 transponders used on certain Honda® models manufactured from 2014.

The solution allows you to duplicate a wide range of keys easily identified by the letter ‘G’ engraved on the blade and equipped with a 96 bit NXP Hitag® 3 transponder.

You can clone T49 transponders in exactly the same, familiar way you clone other Silca transponders. The transponder chip can also be precoded to allow for diagnostic programming using your key programming device of choice.

You will need:

  • RW4 Plus or Fast Copy Plus updated to the 04.09.094 version. Please note that he solution is not available for RW4 + P-Box and Fast Copy + P-Box.
  • The new Silca T49 transponder chip.
  • The new Silca Universal Snoop to collect data from the car immobilizer unit. It can also substitute the Snoop device used for cloning ID46 and the M-Snoop for cloning ID48.


Discover Danabridge V3 - part of the Danalock ecosystem

The Danabridge V3 enables remote access to your home by providing your Danalock V3 smart lock with internet connection. Operate your Danalock from anywhere with your smartphone.

Simple setup

Plug the Danabridge V3 into a power outlet and connect it to your home Wi-Fi – then it is ready to be paired with your Danalock V3. Remember to place it within Bluetooth range.

Operate your Danalock from anywhere

Connect your Danalock V3 smart lock to Danabridge V3 and control and operate your Danalock from anywhere. Enjoy the added convenience of letting family members, friends and home service providers in – even when you’re not at home.

Monitor your home

When your Danalock V3 is connected to the Danabridge V3, you will always know, when the lock is used – and by whom. Check your lock’s real-time status from anywhere in the 24/7 activity log.

Strong security

The Danabridge V3 is part of the Danalock ecosystem, using an advanced encryption method for transferring data (AES 256).

JCI MQB/Golf VII Key Programming Using AVDI


To program a spare key for a VAG MQB/Golf VII Johnson Controls Dashboard you'll need:

Step 1. Read The Component Security Bytes

  • Open the AVDI VAG Software and go to "Key learning".

AVDI Spare Keys Johnson Control Dashboard


  • Select the option "IMMO 4/5 by component security".


  • Turn the ignition on using the working key.

  • Click "Read CS" (you will need internet access, 1 VAG CS Extraction Token and a valid AMS). Once the CS is calculated, it will show it on your screen.

STEP 2. Make The Dealer Key

  • Click "Make dealer key".


  • Put the working key into the PROTAG and then the new key to prepare the dealer key.

STEP3. Program The New Key(s)

  • Turn the ignition on with the working key. Press Learn.

  • Enter the number of keys that you want to program including existing keys and click "OK".

  • The software will prompt you to start the ignition with each key.

  • The new key(s) are now programmed into the vehicle and will start the car.


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New Pricing Structure for the AVDI Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS) 

Abrites have made some changes to the pricing structure of their Annual Maintenance Subscription introducing a new 4-tiered pricing structure based on how long your AMS has expired for.

The AVDI Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS) is valid for one year after it has been processed and allows you to access software updates, new special functions and online services, such as BMW Online, Mercedes Key Programming, Subaru and others.

Please click here to see the new options available.

Discover The New Wendt Electric Pick Gun

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Wendt Electric Pick Gun III. With an improved motor, battery and design the new battery-operated Wendt Pick Gun builds on the enormous success of the previous versions and makes opening cylinders even faster and easier.

What's new with the Wendt Electric Pick Gun 3700

The new Wendt pick gun introduces a few innovations. Let's have a more in-depth look at them:

  • A new motor designed to have more power and be more durable. With a new improved motor, you have at your fingertips all the power you need to open most 4, 5 and 6-pin cylinders.
  • Integrated lithium battery with more power than the old NiCd batteries of the II.
  • Overcharge battery protection. A deep discharge and battery overload protection. This way the battery can't be overcharged and it will live longer.
  • You can charge the Electro Pick Gun III on the go. With the innovative micro USB port, you can connect the Wendt Electro Pick Gun III to a power bank or computer and charge it from your van.
  • Ergonomic design. With knurling around the handle, the Wendt Electric Pick Gun III is slimmer and lighter than the old version while maintaining a comfortable grip and a high-quality feeling.
  • An LED Battery status indicator protected by acrylic glass allows you to control your battery status all the time.

Click here to find out more about the Wendt Pick Gun III.

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Our brand new catalogue is now available


We have launched our brand new catalogue for 2019/20120 and we can't wait for you to see all the amazing products and solutions that we have lined up for you.
Now you can find everything you need to get the job done all in one place from first-class cylinders, key machines, locks and accessories to innovative automotive solutions, access control systems and much more. It’s all at your fingertips!

To view and download an electronic copy of our catalogue please click here

If you would like to receive a catalogue in the post, simply email or phone 0131 555 0909 and we’ll send you our latest catalogue with your next order.

Happy shopping!

Trying to decide between the Xhorse Condor Mini Plus and the Dolphin? Read this first.


Since their release, a few of our customers have asked us: <<What are the differences between the Xhorse Dolphin and the Condor Mini Plus?>>. These two electronic key cutting machines have a lot in common but there are some fundamental differences that set them apart.

In this article, we are going to do a detailed Dolphin vs Condor Mini Plus review to help you make an informed decision and choose which of the two will be best suited for you and your business’s needs.

Firstly, let's have a look at the main features and benefits before comparing some of them in more detail.


Electronic key cutting machines for the automotive market

As you can see from the table above, the main element that these two machines have in common is their core functionality: they are both electronic key machines specifically designed to cut all type of flat and laser automotive key blanks.

A database with accurate and detailed parameters of the most popular vehicle keys on the market also allows you to help your customers when they have lost all their keys.

For example, you can cut a key by code or search the database to select the correct key blank and vehicle manufacturer before entering the cuts. 

Key differences 

The Condor Mini Plus is a stand-alone key machine operated via a built-in touchscreen, while the Dolphin is controlled via Bluetooth using the free Xhorse app for IOs and Android.

That means you will need an internet connection at all time to use the Dolphin so that you may not be able to cut a key in an area with a poor signal like an underground car park or a rural road.

On the other hand, you will be able to use the Condor Mini Plus offline allowing you to cut a key without worrying about your internet connection.

Built quality

Thanks to our long-standing relationship with Xhorse, we have had the chance to put both machines through their paces and we were positively impressed by the overall reliability and sturdiness of the two machines and their components.

They come with the same jaws, cutters and tracers and present one noticeable difference: The Condor Mini Plus has a full aluminium body while the Dolphin has some plastic elements in the upper body which may make it more subject to wear and tear.

That's why you should probably opt for the Condor Mini Plus if you are going to cut a high volume of keys per day. Additionally, the Xhorse Dolphin doesn't have a full protective shield so that the front area of the machine will quickly become a bit messy with metal shavings requiring frequent cleaning. 


If portability is important when choosing your next automotive key cutting machine, the Dolphin has the upper hand. Both machines are light and portable but the Dolphin weights three kg less than the Condor Mini Plus and it’s also equipped with an ergonomic handle that makes it extremely easy to carry for emergency calls and roadside jobs.


You have to keep the Condor mini Plus plugged into a power source to use it. On the contrary, the Xhorse Dolphin has a built-in lithium battery that can be fully charged in about three hours and allows you to cut around 20/30 keys before you have to charge it again.

This feature, coupled with the feather-like weight and the ergonomic handle, makes the Dolphin super portable and ideal for van use or on-site emergency jobs where you don't have access to a power source.


Another big factor that I am sure you will consider is price. In this section of our website, we don't show the prices of our products so if you are interested in knowing the price of the two machines, please visit the product pages of the Condor Mini Plus and the Xhorse Dolphin that you can respectively find here and here.


Who’s the Xhorse Condor Mini Plus best suited for?
  • Key cutters, locksmiths and auto locksmiths who are going to cut a high volume of automotive key blanks.
  • Key cutters and locksmiths who want to get into the automotive market.

Who’s the Xhorse Dolphin best suited for?

  • Key cutters, locksmiths and auto locksmiths who cut a small number of automotive key blanks per day.
  • Key cutters, locksmiths and auto locksmiths who need a back-up machine for their van.

The New TDF1 Paxton Fob Cloner is now available from Keyprint Security

Update January 2022: We are happy to introduce a new Paxton fob cloner, the PX1. Click here to find out more.

The TDF1 Paxton Fob Cloner, the only machine on the market that allows you to read and clone Paxton key fobs, is now available from Keyprint Security.

Benefits of the new device:

  • The TDF1 Paxton fob copier is a dedicated standalone device that will copy Paxton fob in seconds providing a valuable extra level of customer service to your business.
  • You will be able to copy blue, red, yellow and green ringed Paxton fobs.
  • It comes with the versatility to be used either standalone in your retail premises or workshop or even out on the road using the supplied USB cable.
  • Standard guarantee period of 12 months from date of purchase.

How to use the TDF1 Cloner to copy Paxton fobs:

With the new Paxton Fob Copier, you will be able to quickly and easily clone Paxton. Al you have to do is, drop the fob to be copied into the reader, press the button to read, remove the fob and place a blank fob into the reader and press the button again. And to make things even easier, your new device also comes with detailed instruction and a video guide that you can watch on our website at this link:

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The Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool is now out

We are thrilled to announce that the new Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool is now in stock and ready to order. Whether you are already offering automotive services or just tapping into this market, the Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool is the perfect addition to your business. With one single piece of kit, you will be able to generate a remote, clone or prepare a transponder and much more, covering the same functionalities of at least two or three different devices.

What's new:

The Mini Key Tool builds on the solid ground-breaking features of its bigger brother the Xhorse VVDI Key Tool offering the same level of reliability and performance that countless locksmiths and key cutters around the world have learned to love. 

  • You will notice the main difference as soon as you open the box. The device (and consequently its screen) is smaller than the VVDI Key Tool. That's because the Mini Key Tool is operated via Blue-tooth using the free Xhorse app for Android and IOS. All you have to do is download the free Xhorse on your device, register it and then pair via Bluetooth with your Mini Key Tool. You will then be able to clone a transponder, generate a new remote etc. by simply tapping a few buttons on your phone or tablet.
  • You don't need to buy a separate ID48 cloning licence as it now comes with your device.
  • The device includes one free token per day that you can spend to clone ID48 online.



Benefits and features:

  • Operated via Blue-tooth using the free Xhorse app for Android and IOS.
  • You can acquire ignition vehicle data with the “Snooping” Antenna.
  • You will always stay on top of the latest applications with FREE regular updates for your device.
  • English version unlocked for the UK, Europe and US market remotes.
  • Clone Transponders. 
  • Generate Transponders. 
  • Edit Transponders. 
  • Generate New Remotes. 
  • Renew OEM Remotes. 

Package includes:

  • 1x VVDI Mini Key Tool Device
  • 1x Remote Programming Cable 
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x User Guide

Click here to find out more about the Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool.

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Three new videos added to our series on how to use Peterson picks and tools

One of the greatest privileges of our job is being able to work with some of the best manufacturers in the trade. This time we have worked together with Ken from Peterson Manufacturing to shoot three new videos that show you how to use seven of his tools.

The three new videos address cover drill bit and key extraction as well as lock bypass. You can find them here, here and here. Hope you enjoy them!

P.s. To view the videos log in with your account details to access the Product Files area at the bottom of the pages.

Benefit from Silca expertise and precision for a lifetime with Silca Futura Pro Unlimited

Silca Futura Pro Unlimited is the only electronic key machine with exclusive lifetime software subscription included for duplicating all types of residential and automotive keys and for engraving metal keys, medals and plates.

Forget about expiry dates and renewals: with Futura Pro Unlimited you will be able to download new software functions and database updates for free during the lifetime of your machine. You won’t have to bother with the time-consuming cost of software subscription. When new software functions, data cards and series are available, you will only need to update the machine.

The machine comes equipped with an aluminium case containing all the necessary tools for engraving and for cutting a wide range of vehicle keys, including Ford®, Simplex®, VAG® and Mercedes® type keys.

Please click here to find out more about the new Silca Futura Pro Unlimited.

Danalock introduces the Danapad V.3 keypad

We are pleased to announce the new Danapad V.3 wireless keypad that extends secure, controlled access of Danalock V3 Smart Lock.

Danapad is an easy-to-install, wireless, smart access keypad that enables homeowners and businesses to manage secure access for delivery, contractors, cleaning and pet services, and those without a smartphone or access to the smart home system such as children, elderly residents or visitors, and guests.

With its Bluetooth interface to the Danalock V3 smart lock, Danapad gives homeowners, rental properties, and owners of hospitality and other businesses peace of mind with the industry’s most secure access solution.



Danapad— Sleek Danish design with easy install and use

Danapad’s elegant Danish design and small footprint (35mm x 82mm) provide an out-of-the-box, easy-to-install and secure access solution that requires no permanent alteration to the door or entry area. Designed for all weather extremes, Danapad works well in hot and cold climates and can withstand the effects of salt, fog, and rain. Danapad, like Danalock V3, is managed via the Danalock App, a cloud-based access control application that enables the user to provide one of three levels of access to guests: permanent, recurring, or temporary/one-time.

Visitors no longer need to bring a key or a phone. They simply enter their four-to-10-digit pin codes into the keypad, which connects to the smart lock via Bluetooth to unlock the door. In instances where many different guests operate the lock, such as on a rental property or a locked-off common area, guests do not need to own a compatible device.

When someone enters or exits, the Danalock app messages the homeowner/business manager, reassuring parents that their children are home from school or building managers that the contractor has arrived on time.

New Abrites AVDI Software Updates


Abrites Diagnostics for BMW/Mini Online version 31.7

Abrites Diagnostics for BMW/ Mini Online version 31.7 now provides support for the BMW Motorcycles (BMW Motorrad) and BMW scooters:

  • Complete OEM and higher level of diagnostics.
  • Reading and clearing DTCs with the ability to show causes and possible fixes.
  • Full DTC details with descriptions.
  • Actuator testing and activation.
  • Live values in table or graph mode.
  • Simultaneous use of Actuators and live value monitoring.
  • Key programming for BMW Motorcycles and scooters using HITAG 2, DST 80 and DST AES keys for example: S1000RR; BMW K19 - C600 and C650; BMW GS1200/ GS1200R; K and F series (K1300 and F800) commonly known as XEWS4 type. They use DST80 transponders so you can use the Abrites TA17 as a key. BMW R1200GS using a handsfree unit (Keyless go system) X_SLZ/ HUF. These use a DST AES type of key and others.
  • Module replacement for  BMW Motorcycles and scooters: EWS replacement, ABS replacement, Cluster replacement, DME replacement.
  • Coding and Programming for BMW Motorcycles and scooters: Vehicle order (VO), programming of flashes in the modules, integration level, customisation for various modules according to the customer's requests.

* Special function BN010 is required for key programming.

* Special function BN012 is required for module replacement.

Abrites Diagnostics for Renault/Dacia online version 31.7

 In version 31.7 of the Abrites Diagnostics for Renault/ Dacia you will see the following new features and additions:

  • Added support for mileage recalibration of Renault Talisman/ Renault Megane IV VDO Dashboard 2017+
  • Renault Kangoo II and Renault Clio III key learning improved.
  • Engine adaptations for Megane III/Scenic III/Laguna III improved.
  • Bosch ABS recalibration unexpected data error fixed.
  • Improved actuators.

Abrites Diagnostics for VAG in version 36.0

Some really useful features for Abrites Diagnostics for VAG in version 36.0. Remember when entering service mode needed to remove the EEPROM+ 24C32/24C64, read it, save it and load into the software? Not anymore.

  • The new ZN059 adapter allows you to connect to the back of the cluster and enter service mode by connection to the cluster without removing the EEPROM.
  • All keys lost for MQB vehicles if the CS of the dashboard and of the ECU are available.

Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes version 10.8

We are happy to inform that the cars that were previously unsupported for EZS (EIS) password extraction will be available in version 10.8 of the Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes. We can now extract a password and program keys to the previously hardest cars to do.

  • Password extraction for the W220/ W215/ R230 (W230)  (1998 - 2005).  EVEN FOR ALL KEYS LOST.
  • Password extraction for the W221/ X164 (W164)/ W251/ W216 before the facelift (2005 - 2007). EVEN FOR ALL KEYS LOST.
  • In the car or on a bench.
  • Easy procedure, simple to use and very quick.

Abrites Diagnostics for Hyundai and KIA version 4.2

Abrites Diagnostics for Hyundai and KIA version 4.2 will  have the following new features:

  • We have added the following all new models for key programming: Hyundai Grandeur - Smart keys (Free for all owners of the HK008 and a valid AMS), Hyundai I20 - Mechanical keys (Free for all owners of the HK008 and a valid AMS).
  • Apart from that, you will see the new updates and improvements on key programming available for the existing cars which were already supported.
  • Increased PIN reading speed.
  • Improved communication while programming keys.


The newer version of Superlock, the ever-popular program for the calculation and administration of master key systems, has been released. Compatible with the latest Windows versions (32 and 64 bit), Superlock II improves on its predecessor offering the same reliability and precision.

With Superlock II you can:

  • Calculate key cutting and cylinder pinning in systems with either a single or multiple profiles.
  • Calculate keys and cylinders when you type in keys, cylinders and accesses in the lock chart.
  • Calculate the extensions and inserts the changes when you modify a system.
  • Check for illegal keys, keys without access and illegal accesses etc...
  • See the cylinder build, create a list for printing, or send the information to a cutting/assembly machine.
  • Setup your own profile sets and make Superlock assign the profiles to each key and cylinder.
  • Receive systems from Planner, calculate them and return them to the same Planner or to a Keybank for the administration of keys and cylinders.
  • Plus much more.

Superlock II Mini:

  • Superlock II is also available in a Mini version for locksmiths that do not need to create lock systems larger than 200 keys and 
    cylinder codes.

Click here to find more about Superlock II.

New KESO Omega 8000Ω² Cylinder System

KESO Omega 8000Ω² is the latest generation of mechanical and mechatronic locking systems with new active copy protection. The reversible key system is suitable for both complex and simple locking systems. 

With a patent valid until 2034 and functional design protection, the new KESO system offers you extremely long investment protection. The system is rounded off with an innovative modular system for problem-free extension or shortening of the cylinders on-site

Outstanding security

  • Built to the latest standards. Consistent protection of a property is guaranteed if keys and cylinders are both patented and certified. KESO 8000Ω² profile cylinders comply with the DIN EN 18252 standard and are certified according to DIN EN 1303*, VdS** and FZG. All cylinders fulfill the highest requirements for operation, corrosion and locking security.
  • Drilling protection as standard. In the standard version, KESO 8000Ω² is tested in accordance with DIN EN 1303 resistance class D or VdS A. On request, we can offer even higher protection against drilling open and pulling with VdS – to fulfill your requirements optimally.
  • Active key protection. A patent alone does not offer protection from illegal key copies, regardless of whether copying takes place by conventional means or via 3-D printing. To prevent illegal key copies, you need active copy protection in the form of a moving element on the key.

Modular and flexible

  • With KESO 8000Ω², you benefit from a modular system that is not only quick to install but can also be extended flexibly. The length of the cylinders can be adapted on site to fit almost all door thicknesses.
  • Different cylinder types can also be integrated into one locking system – from profile cylinders and locking cylinders to padlocks. This provides comprehensive system solutions that can be implemented easily and expanded as required. The benefit for you: lower investment and maintenance costs.

Click here to find out more about KESO Omega 8000Ω² or contact our sales team by sending an email to or calling us on 0131 555 0909.

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Danalock V.3: Smarter, Smaller, Safer


Click here to go to the product page


Smarten up your home

The Danalock V3 is the third generation of motorized smart lock based on the feedback from early adopters customers and the latest development in data security and smart home technology. Smaller, stronger and easier to install the Danalock V3 takes the lead in the smart lock market and is setting new standards for years to come.

Easy access

With Danalock sharing access with relatives and friends is extremely easy, you can receive notification when the lock is used - and by whom - along with impressive features that eliminate the problems of mechanical keys. And in addition, Danalock senses your presence and knows just when to unlock or lock the door (which is similar to how modern vehicles operate).

Easy to install

Danalock’s installation is so simple, you can do-it-yourself in five minutes or less.

Subtle, yet secure

No need for flashing lights or visible moving parts to alert passersby that your house is protected by one of the most technologically-advanced electronic lock solutions on the market. The beauty of Danalock’s residential smart lock lies within. Danalock smart locks are simple in appearance but offer the security your home needs to protect what matters most.

nofootprint  No footprint on the door. No evidence of how it is protected 
 With Danalock your door looks just like a normal door with a standard-looking lock, there is   no impression of an electronic lock.
always enalbled

 Always enabled 
 Mechanical key override exists in the event of a forgotten or lost smartphone or no battery   power. You will always be able to access and operate your lock.

safer inside

 Safer Inside 
 Electronics are housed on the inside of the door, providing protection against vandalism,   adverse weather etc.


 Unmatchable security standard 
 Danalock uses AES256, the most advanced encryption method for transferring data and   TPM – Trusted Platform Module to store encryption keys. This high-security level has been   acknowledged by companies like Apple, Amazon, Google Nest and many others.


Smart home open the door to endless smart home possibilities

There’s a growing network of smart devices in your home – thermostat, lights, alarm system – and Danalock smart locks work seamlessly with these products. The smartest smart devices work together to provide user comfort, convenience and cost-saving.

 smart home

Danalock integrations

Interoperability has always been a cornerstone in Danalock products
The V3 is by far the most versatile and flexible platform available and is setting new standards in cross-platform interoperability. Let Danalock sense you are near and trigger all your smart home commands.

 z wave plus zigbee  HomeKit 

Z-wave and Zigbee integrations. Danalock offers different Z-Wave versions and also a Zigbee version.
This enables it to be integrated into different ecosystems like Amazon Echo, Nest, IFTTT, Harmony etc. converting the Danalock V3 in the trigger or starter that will boost your home system as soon as you unlock your door.


airbnb  API

Airbnb integration
The Danalock Airbnb integration enables you to share mobile keys directly to the guest smartphone for the period of time that the apartment has been rented through the Airbnb platform. No need to give physical keys, and after the stay, the mobile key expires.


SDKs and APIs

Danalock delivers full SDKs and APIs for partner integrations, enabling easy integration with existing systems like home automation, booking platforms etc.

With dimple key cylinders proving now more and more popular, we have added several new key references to our website as we keep expanding the range of dimple key blanks available to you. 


Wide coverage

From Cisa to Mul-T-Lock and Brisant, our range covers the most popular dimple cylinder systems in the UK.


We stock and provide high-quality dimple key blanks so that you will be able to offer five-star keys to your customers and stop wasting time and money on returns.  

Be sure to check out the new key blanks by clicking here and to see the full range now available online.


New Abrites AVDI RR017 Key Programming For Renault Talisman/Megane IV/Scenic IV/Espace V

The RR017 is the latest key programming solution for Megane IV/Scenic IV/Talisman and Espace V vehicles. The function reads the PIN Code and programs a key both when an extra key is required and in ALL KEYS LOST situations. Please note that when you are adding a new key to the vehicle, you will need to prepare it using the PROTAG programmer.

A new Renault Key Package is also available offering a discount on the total of the separate functions it includes.

New Abrites AVDI HK008 Pin code reading and key programming for Kia/ Hyundai

The new HK008 special function replaces the HK006 licence and represents a breakthrough Abrites have been working towards for a few months as they believe that their new solution is much more efficient than the PIN by VIN solution that is currently on the market. The new special function HK008 extracts the PIN from all vehicles that have a smart key (including 2018+ and regardless if the PIN has been changed during a service program). It also includes key programming for mechanical keys for all vehicles with Delphi, Kefico and Bosch EDC15/EDC16 ECUs.

Abrites Diagnostics for VAG version 34.0

  • Reworked the procedure for adaptation of EZS-Kessy from A6 (2005-2010) and Q7 (2006-2014).
  • Reworked the procedure for adaptation of Transmission of A6 (2005-2010) and Q7 (2006-2014).
  • Reworked the procedure for adaptation of Immo V ECU for the BCM2 cars (now it is possible to adapt the ECU completely by OBDII for the ECUs until 2013, for the other ECUs it is no longer necessary to write the flashback to the ECU).
  • Reworked the procedure for adaptation Immo III/Immo IV ECU/TCU (VN005). Adapting the devices without using the EM003 emulator.
  • ME17.5.24 is now supported - PIN/CS is read from the internal CAN bus.
  • Cluster calibration completely by OBD for the following models: Audi A6/A7 (4G) - Audi A8 (4H) - VW Touareg (7P) - (Available with the VN010 function for cars produced after 2010+).
  • New versions of the EZS Kessy related modules added for component protection as well as new versions of MMI modules added across the Generation I and II.
  • Component protection added for Central electric.
  • Added support for Component protection for the 09-Central electric module with Quorriva MCU.

Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes Online

Introduced simple and easy functions for coding such as:

  • Enabling and disabling of the seat belt alarm, for example, W205/ W222/ W217/ W166 new models.
  • Change of the MAX SPEED Limit (including all AMG models).
  • Enabling and disabling of the video in motion for older and newer cars up to 2018.
  • Enabling and disabling of the AMG start screen for older and new Mercedes Benz models.
  • Enabling and disabling of "Apple car play". In some cases, an update is needed and this can be done using the Abrites flash programming in Mercedes Benz for phone screen mirroring for example.
  • Ability to calibrate the sunroof.
  • Ability to calibrate 360-degree cameras, enable, coding, including Special Vehicle Solution (SVS).
  • Enabling, disabling and calibrating the Special Vehicle Solution front camera.
  • Mercedes Special Vehicles Solutions rear-view mirror cameras enabling, disabling and calibrating.
  • DPF regeneration and renewal.
  • DPF running time and mileage value reset (CRD3).
  • Emergency engine starts when the AdBlue mileage reaches "0" and you are not able to drive the car.
  • Renew of FBS4 control modules including 7G Tronic units 722.9. ALL BY OBD or internal CANBUS (MN027).
  • Renew of FBS4 CRD 3.X Engine Control Units including original VIN reset. ALL BY OBD or internal CANBUS (MN027).

Abrites Diagnostics for Renault version 31.5 (online)

  • Key and remote control programming for MEGANE IV (2016+) and the derivative of the so-called Common Module Family vehicles included in the new RR017 special function: Renault Megane IV 2016+; Renault ESPACE 2015+; Renault Talisman 2015+ / Renault Samsung SM6; Renault Scénic IV 2016+ (Supported in RR017).
  • Autoliv Airbag Clear Crash for Talisman, Megane IV, Scenic IV, Espace V, Kadjar.
  • Virgin Engine Control Module (ECM) adaptation for Clio IV, Twingo III, Trafic III, Logan II, Sandero II, Duster Ph2, Dokker, Lodgy.
  • PIN reading speed improved on poor internet connection.
  • Clio IV, Logan II, Sandero II, Dokker, Lodgy, Duster Ph2 2015+ PIN reading support improved.
  • General diagnostic improvements - identification of UDS vehicles improved, live data items order fixed.
  • Recovering of Smart453 possible with RR015 licence.

Abrites Diagnostics for Nissan/ Infiniti version 31.5 (online)

  • Brand new cloud-based diagnostics user interface.
  • Easy vehicle recognition by image.
  • Auto-detection by VIN when possible.
  • Supports full vehicle scan, module identification, read/clear DTC, live data, actuator tests and various procedures.

Abrites Diagnostics for Fiat/ Alfa/ Lancia/ Chrysler/ FCA version 7.3

  • Reading of the PIN codes of the new Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep models such as the Chrysler Pacifica from 2017+. This function will be a free addition to all FN017 owners with a valid AMS.
  • BCM from Delphi with NEC 70F3632/70F3633. They will be supported for Reading/Writing of Flash and Data Flash. Again this will be available for customers with the FN017 and a valid AMS.

Abrites Diagnostics for Opel/ Vauxhall version 7.3

  • Insignia B - Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) - 4.2-inch Color Display [Free for all the customers who currently have the ON013 special function].

Abrites Diagnostics for Bikes version 2.0

  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles added for diagnostics (for older models should be used with J1850 adapter).
  • Features such as motorcycle arming and unarming available for Harley Davidson.
  • CAN-based BCMs - pin programming, key programming.
  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles equipped with hands-free Security Module (HFSM - key fob without button) or Turn Security Signal Module (TSSM - key fob with button) - pin code reading, pin code change, key fob programming.
  • A complete solution for the HD Motorcycles brand and the key programming of one of the most legendary motorcycle companies in the world.

Abrites Diagnostics for Ford/ Mazda version 7.4

  • Synchronization of hybrid vehicle immobilizer systems.
  • Allowing us and you to work with Hybrid models produced by Ford.
  • FORD F150 2014+ mileage recalibration added.
  • Key and remote programming of the following vehicles of the latest generation: Ford Mondeo; Ford S-max; Ford Fusion.

Abrites Diagnostics for Volvo version 5.9

  • CEM (Central Electric Module) coding reading and writing function solving one of the oldest problems for any Volvo workshop
  • Brake Control Modules are now supported for Serial Number reading and writing when the module is replaced.
  • Ability to write MOST ring modules in CEM (Central Electric Module), perfect when replacing the module.
  • Cluster flashing allowing the ability to change the language.

Abrites Diagnostics for Rolls Royce

  • A completely new software solution for Rolls Royce vehicles based on the Abrites Online Platform.

Abrites Diagnostics for Subaru Online

In the new version of the Abrites diagnostics for Subaru we now have coverage for the latest Subaru BRZ:

  • New Subaru BRZ Smart systems added (2017+).
  • Improved diagnostics for Subaru BRZ and new models Subaru vehicles.

The support covers the systems when a master key is present. All keys lost will be added in the next update.

Abrites Diagnostics for Jaguar and Land Rover version 2.4

New Airbag modules added for reading and writing to assist with the clearing of crash data:

  • BJ32-14C246-xx
  • CX23-14C246-xx
  • CK52-14C246-xx
  • EJ32-14C246-xx
  • FH22-14C246-xx
  • GK62-14C246-xx
  • EX53-14C246-xx
  • HPLA-14C246-xx

Abrites Diagnostics for Peugeot/Citroën version 7.8

  • Improved support for Continental UDS BSI 2015+.

Manage your security from one single account

Salto KS Camera Manager

SALTO Systems has launched KSconnect first integration: Video Surveillance With Cameramanager for Cloud-Based KS ‘Keys As A Service’ 

SALTO Systems, a leading global manufacturer of electronic access control solutions, launched KSconnect – an integration platform powered by SALTO’s KS Keys as a Service cloud-based access control – at IFSEC in London. The first KSconnect integration – with Eagle EyeCameramanager – offers SALTO KS end users a powerhouse security solution of access and video anywhere, anytime.

“One of the greatest things about the cloud is the ability to collaborate and when we developed our SALTO KS Keys as a Service cloud-based access control product, we prepared it to be integrated with many different cloud environments,” says Marc Handels. “We are excited about our first SALTO KS KSconnect integration with Panasonic Cameramanager video surveillance"

Salto KS Camera Manager App


What is Salto KSConnect?

Knowing that cloud-based access control like SALTO KS is often just one part of an effective security solution, SALTO has developed KSconnect. SALTO KSconnect allows you to integrate your SALTO KS cloud-based access control with other security applications – like video surveillance – for a more comprehensive solution. Thanks to the integration with Salto KS, you will be able to manage your doors, locks, security credentials and video surveillance from one single account.

A new integration

The first integration is a partnership with Panasonic Cameramanager, a cloud-based video management product from one of the leading names in video surveillance. Cameramanager is the ideal video surveillance solution for small to medium-sized businesses, such as stores, hairdressers, cafes, and many more. Cameramanager users can view and manage cameras anywhere and anytime with the ability to watch stored HD footage via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

SALTO KS, with more than 2,000 systems, offers an innovative cloud-based access control solution, which is especially embraced for retail, co-working spaces and Rental properties with vastly better functionality and performance than is possible with a traditional solution.

Click here to find out more about the Salto KS system. If you want to speak to a member of our team, please send an email to or call us on 0131 555 0909.

The New Silca T80+ Wedge Chip is now available to you 

NOW IN STOCK AND READY TO ORDER [updated 01/06/2018]

The Silca T80+ transponder chip is the unique solution for cloning transponders for many Ford®, Toyota®, Hyundai® and Kia® models worldwide. The Silca T80+ solution also pre-codes 80-bit transponders for Subaru® vehicles and gets them ready for programming with your key programming device such as Abrites AVDI, Advanced Diagnostics etc. Carbon chip will fit entire range of Silca keys, Silca original remotes and Xhorse remotes.

For Cloning:

  • You can use the T80+ chips and your RW4 Plus/Fast Copy Plus (free update to version 04.06.91 available to you) with M-Box to clone Toyota, Ford, Hyundai and Kia transponder keys.
  • Toyota: You can clone standalone with no internet connection or snoop device required.
  • Ford, Hyundai, Kia: You can clone online and without a snoop device required.

For Programming:

  • Precode a transponder key with the T80+ chip and the Silca TRP setting and RW4 Plus/Fast Copy Plus. Use the precoded chip to program Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia & Subaru models with your key programming device.

Main Applications:

Cloning: Toyota, Ford, Kia, Hyundai

Programming: Toyota, Ford, Kia, Hyundai and Subaru

Click here to order your chip

In these new videos, we'll show you how to use some of the special functions of the ABRITES AVDI system, the market leader in key programming solutions. From the hardware and software you need to what type of keys to use, we will walk you through all the steps required to easily program keys for two of the most popular makes on the market.

Hope you enjoy the videos, learn a few tips to feel confident when you are out on a job programming keys for your customers.

How to program spare keys for an AUDI BCM2 A6:

How to add new keys for a Vauxhall Astra J:

How to program spare keys for a Vauxhall Astra J:

  Click here to discover the full range of Abrites AVDI software, hardware and keys.

Mr Li's Original Tools Verification is Here

Mr Li has implemented a new verification system that will guarantee that you are getting tools that offer only the highest level of quality and design. This system consists of a very special sticker attached to the back of each tool featuring a verification code.

Verifying your tools is the only way to ensure that you are getting TRUE Mr Li's Original Tools quality and that your tools will allow you to easily pick and decode the most popular vehicle locks on the market.

About the Verification Label


The label on the back of your tools includes four different ways to verify you have purchased a Mr Li's Original Tool: 

  • A hidden UV number corresponding to the coloured digit on the right side.
  • A randomly coloured QR Code.
  • A scratch coating covering a ten position randomly generated combination of ten letters and numbers.
  • A sequential tool management numbers.

How it Works

Verifying your tools is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Scratch the coating off the verification code on the bottom of the label affixed to the back of your tool.
  2. Visit and click the Tool Verification link at the top of the page.
  3. Enter the verification code and your email address and confirm that the tool is verified successfully.
  4. Be secure in the knowledge that you own a true Mr Li's Original Tool.

All our MR Li's Original Tools are come with the new verification label to offer you best tools on the market so that can confidently take on any job. Click here to check out the full range.

Discover how to use the Xhorse Condor Mini to cut HU162T key blanks for new VAG locks


Update your Xhorse Condor Mini to version V5.03 and follow our step-by-step guide to cut keys for new VAG locks:

  • Step 1 Select "Cut By Bitting" on the Main Menu and then enter the key reference HU162T-9 or HU162T-10 depending on the cuts of the key you have to cut. For the purpose of this guide, we will be using a 9-cut key blank.

  • Step 2 Tap “Key Decode”, select the key type and then tap (1) "Key Decode" to decode your customer’s key as shown in the below. (2) Alternatively, if you already know the height of the 9 bittings, simply enter them. Follow the on-screen instructions to cut the key.

  • Step 3 After you have successfully cut the horizontal cuts, go back to “Select Key Type” and proceed to decode the three vertical cuts remaining or enter the height of the bittings if you know them. Switch to position D of the M2 Jaw and use a key blank to hold the key you are cutting in position as shown in the images below. Follow the on-screen instructions to cut the key.

Click here to see the Xhorse Condor Mini in action

Introducing the ID48 transponder cloning Software for your Xhorse VVDI2

ID48 cloning for Xhorse VVDI2

We are excited to introduce the new ID48 cloning solutions for your Xhorse VVDI2 that will allow you to clone transponder chips for some of the most popular makes and models on the market. 

  • ID48 (96bit) Online Cloning

The ID48 (96bit) Online Cloning software licence allows you to snoop the vehicle data from the ignition switch and calculate online


  • You can add spare keys with no quantity limits.
  • You need an Xhorse VVDI2 ID48 Data Collector (sold separately) to snoop vehicle data from the ignition switch.
  • Token-based: To clone a transponder chip you need one XHORSE Token for Cloning ID48 or 100 Bonus Points (1 token=100 bonus points).
  • When you buy this software licence, you will get 1500 bonus points = 15 tokens.

Makes and models supported (for guidance only): All car types with ID48 transponder chips.

  • ID48 Offline Cloning

With the ID48 Offline Cloning software licence, you can clone ID48 transponder chips just by connecting your device to the OBDII port of the vehicle. 


  • Supports "all keys lost" situations
  • Supports keyless go systems
  • No soldering required
  • No tokens required

Makes and models supported (for guidance only): Any model where you can read the CS/PIN from ECU (majority of JCI new type dashboards 2016-EOS; Volkswagen Scirocco; Audi Q3; Tiguan keyless go system; some 24C64, 24C32 dashboards etc.)

  • Xhorse ID48 Transponder Chip

To use the ID48 cloning function, you also need the Xhorse Id48 transponder chip.

How to register your Salto KS IQ Unit, Doors and Tags

In a three-part blog post series, we will cover the basics of setting up your Salto KS systemThis first part covers how to register your Salto KS account, activate an IQ unit, add doors and tags to your system.

Step 1  Register your account

  • Go to
  • Choose an email address and password to sign up.
  • You will get a confirmation email. Click on the link and fill in the extra information required. 
  • Click the "FINISH" button.
  • You can now log in to your account using your email address and password.

Step 2  Activate an IQ unit

  • Go to your Account menu and click “Hardware/IQs” on the left-hand side to activate an IQ unit. 
  • Click the IQ button and assign a name to identify your IQ unit and click the blue checkmark.
  • Find the activation code that you can find on the back of the IQ unit.
  • Enter the activation code and click the checkmark.
  • Your IQ unit is now active.

Step 2  Add a door to your account

  • Access your Account menu and click “Hardware/Doors” on the left-hand side to create a Salto KS Cloud Access Door.
  • Click the DOOR button and assign a name to identify your new door.
  • Click on the blue checkmark.
  • The new door will appear in your account but won’t be linked to your IQ unit yet.

Step 3  Connect the new door to an IQ unit

  • Go to System on the left-hand side of your Account Menu where you will find all the elements associated with your account.
  • Click the "EDIT" button.
  • Select the name of the IQ unit you want to assign the door to from the drop-down menu and click "MOVE".
  • The door is now assigned to the IQ you have chosen. Click "SAVE" to continue with the configuration.
  • Go to the door, present the maintenance card, follow the on-screen instructions and click "CHECK CONFIGURATION" when you are ready.
  • Your door is now connected to your IQ unit and configured.
  • You may also want to check your new door is working. In order to do so, go to the door and test it by presenting a tag. If no tag is registered to your system please go to step 4 of this guide and then test the door.

Step 4  Register one or more Salto KS tags to your account

When you receive your tags for the first time or when you receive new tags you have to register them to your system.

  • Go to the Tags section on the left-hand side of your Account menu.
  • Click the "ADD TAG" button.
  • From the drop-down menu select the door you want to use to add the new tag(s) and click START.
  • A 2-minute countdown will appear. Go to the door and present the tag. As the tag is read by the door, its details will appear in your account.
  • Click STOP to stop the countdown when you are finished registering the tag(s).
  • All the tags registered for the door selected will appear in your account.


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New ERA 3-star Fortress keys cut to the trade

As we keep expanding the range of keys available to the trade, we can now cut the new ERA 3-star Fortress keys by code using genuine key blanks. 

Get in touch with us and you will be able to offer your customers keys for one of the most popular cylinders on the market without stocking any key blank.

To send your enquiry, email or call us on 0131 555 0909. Our experienced sales team will be happy to help you.

How to use the VVDI Key Tool to generate a new remote and clone the transponder for a Ford C-Max 2005-2010

Whether you are already offering automotive services or just tapping into this market, the Xhorse VVDI Key Tool is the perfect addition to your business. With one single piece of kit, you will be able to generate a remote, clone or prepare a transponder and much more, covering the same functionalities of at least two or three different devices.

With an intuitive interface and on-screen instructions, you won’t require extensive training to say yes more often to your customers. What’s more? The device, transponder chips and universal remotes come at an unmissable price allowing you to recoup your investment in just a few jobs.

Follow our simple guide to generate a new remote and clone the transponder for a Ford C-Max 2005-2010

Do you want to be able to generate remotes, clone and prepare transponders and much more with one single powerful device? Click here to get the Xhorse VVDI Key Tool today.

The new free VVDI KeyTool app is now out

With the new free VVDI Key Tool app for IOS and Android, you can control all the functions of the Xhorse VVDI Key Tool straight from your device making it even quicker and easier to generate a remote, clone a transponder etc. On top of that, when you update your app and connect it to your VVDI KEY Tool, all the latest applications and features will be automatically pushed to the Key Tool.

  • Step 1 Download the free VVDI Key Tool Android or Apple app on your device.
  • Step 2 To sign up for a free account and use the app, open it and press Register.

  • Step 3 For UK users, press Email Register. See image on the right if the language is set to Chinese.

  • Step 4 Enter your email address.

  • Step 5 Press Send to have a security code sent to the email address you have entered.

  • Step 6 Enter the security code and press Next.

  • Step 7 Set a password for your account and press Next.

  • Step 8 Use your email address (USERNAME) and Password to Login into the app.

  • Step 9 You can now use the VVDI KEY TOOL app.

To use the app you have to it to the VVDI KEY tool. To do so, when you click on any of the function you find in the app, you will be prompted to a screen where you can activate the Bluetooth on your device in order to pair it with the VVDI Key Tool.

Salto KS Goes 2.0
03 January 2018


Salto KS unveils the new IQ 2.0

The Salto KS IQ is an innovative device that connects to the cloud and receives all changes and settings from Salto applications ensuring that all locks are updated within seconds. The new Salto KS IQ 2.0 unit is now available to you and offers more choice and convenience to exactly match your requirements.

What are the benefits of the new Salto KS IQ 2.0?

The SALTO KS IQ 2.0 now allows you to connect the electronic locks and cylinder to the cloud directly to your internet connection through WIFI or 3G in case there’s no existing Internet connection.

There are four different options available to you:

  • Ethernet together with a USB stick: Includes IQ 2.0 ethernet, 2G/3G/4G antenna and 12V power adaptor.
  • Ethernet and Wifi wireless option: Includes IQ 2.0 ethernet - WIFI and 12V power adaptor.
  • Ethernet and Wifi wireless POE: Includes IQ 2.0 ethernet - WIFI POE (Ethernet cable not included).
  • Ethernet: Includes IQ 2.0 ethernet and 12V power adaptor (Ethernet cable not included).

Click here to download the Salto KS IQ 2.0 datasheet

The NEW Silca GTI Wedge Chip is on its way.

The new Silca GTI wedge transponder has the same cloning and programming functions and vehicle applications as the glass transponder GTI. Smaller than the glass version, you will be able to fit it into virtually all keys available on the market.

It's compatible with:

  • Silca Look A-like range
  • Silca remote car keys
  • Silca empty shell range
  • Silca flip keys
  • Silca MH-TA keys
  • Original car and motorbike
Update Your Silca M-Box
28 November 2017

It's time to update your Silca M-Box

Are you the lucky owner of a Silca M-Box? Then a new update is now available that will AUTOMATICALLY UPGRADE your device from software version 1.0.11 to software version 1.1.0 provided it is connected to the Internet.

All M-Boxes should be updated from software version 1.0.11 to software version 1.1.0 before December 22nd, 2017. After the 22nd of December, if you have not automatically updated your M-Box via the Internet (e.g. because it wasn't connected), you must update it via SRS (Silca Remote Service Program). In order to do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1 Open the Silca Remote Service Program.

  • Step 2 Select M-Box from the "Machines" menu.

  • Step 4 Click "Next".

  • Step 4 Click the "Upgrade & Diagnostic" button.

  • Step 5 Click the "M-BOX upgrade" button.

The updating process will start and your device will be updated at the end of the procedure.

How to choose the right lock pick for any application.

Raise your hand if you have ever found it a little overwhelming to choose a pick set. With so many shapes, materials and sizes, it can be difficult to choose the right picks for the locks that you normally find in your day-to-day job.

Well, there's good news: choosing the right pick set doesn't have to be that daunting. Following our handy guide, you can save the frustration of buying the wrong picks and easily identify what's best for you - all without wasting time and money.

In our guide, we will walk you through the most popular locks and keyways as well as which pick you need to successfully attack them. Ready? Let's dive in.











Still not sure which pick is right for you? Call us on 01315550909 or send an email to and our experienced team of experts will be very happy to help you.

How to update your Xhorse VVDI Key Tool

Updating your VVDI Key Tool software is really easy and allows you to enjoy the latest features and applications so you can always stay ahead of your competitors. 

  • STEP 1 Turn on your VVDI Key Tool and connect it to your PC or laptop with the USB cable provided. 
  • Go to
  • Log in with your account details to access the product files section at the bottom of the product page. 
  • Use the software download link to download the Xhorse Update Tool. 
  • Open the file on your PC or laptop and click on UpgradeKit.exe to run the update tool



  • STEP 2 Select VVDI Key Tool from the "Select Device" drop-down menu.  



  • STEP 3 Select which version you want to update your device to.



  • STEP 4 Click the "Find Device" button.



  • STEP 5 If your device is successfully identified, the Upgrade Tool will display some information about it. 



  • STEP 6 Click on the "Upgrade" button to start updating your device (please note the update process requires internet connection).



  • STEP 7 Wait for the update to complete which may take up to 20 minutes.



  • Your device is now updated. 

New Silca VAG 2017 cutting cards available to you.



Silca have released a new set of cutting cards that allow you to cut keys for the 2017 VAG 8, 9 and 10-cut vehicle locks. Update your key machine to benefit from the latest applications.

Key cutting machines covered

The new cutting cards are available for the Futura, Futura Automotive, Futura Pro, Futura Pro Automotive, Futura Pro Engraving, Triax Pro, Triax Quattro and Quattrocode key cutting machines.

Hardware needed

To enjoy the new solution you need the jaws 56J and 57J, compatible with the clamps 01R (Futura/Futura Pro), R29 (Triax Pro) and R30 (Triax Quattro and Quattrocode).

Software needed

To access the new cutting cards, you just need to download the latest version of the Futura (3.4.0), Futura Pro (3.6.0) and Silca Key Programs ( software.

Discover everything you need to know about the NEW Silca Smart Remote Programmer.


Generate new car key remotes the easy way

The Silca Smart Remote Programmer is the perfect solution to tap into the remote car key duplication market. Easy to useyou don't need to know the part number because you will find precise vehicle information on your laptop or smartphone thanks to the dedicated SRP software (downloadable freely from Silca website). The remote generator takes the specific vehicle data necessary to preset the new key from the software and writes it onto the remote key in seconds via NFC technology. Now you are ready to program the key into the vehicle through either your key programming device or the on-board manual procedure.


  • Extremely quick: you can program and cut your customer's key in seconds even on the roadside.
  • You don't need to know the part number because you will find all the vehicle information that you need on your screen. The SRP Software guides you step-by-step to identify the vehicle that you need to preset. You select from a number of characteristics, including make, model, year and chassis code of the vehicle. The software then shows the right Remote Car Key reference, what transponder and what Silca FH key blade to use.
  • You don’t need to fill up your van or shop with many different key remotes. You can stock only four key variants to program hundreds of models.
  • You will be able to program some of the most popular vehicle models o the market including Audi®, Chevrolet-Daewoo®, Chrysler®, Fiat®, Ford®, Honda®, Hyundai®, Kia®, Lexus®, Mazda®, Nissan®, Opel-Vauxhall®, Seat®, Skoda®, Suzuki®, Toyota® & Volkswagen®.
  • You don’t need any physical connection or to disassemble the remote. The Smart Remote Programmer operates automatically via the user-friendly SRP software and applies the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, a Silca-patented application, to write the data onto the remote.
  • Your customers will love the Smart Remote Programmer because you will offer them top-quality keys at a very advantageous price. 
  • Robust design with quality "feel". Made with long-lasting components, you can provide your customers with keys that feature a robust flip mechanism and apply tested technologies to guarantee perfect functioning.
  • Fully compatible with Silca quality FH key blades and range of transponders.
  • No hidden fees. No token needed. You can preset as many keys as you want.
  • CE Certified.

How does the Smart Remote Programmer Work?

The new Remote Programmer works along the Silca Remote Car Key, a unique-styled, compact remote that, once programmed, duplicates the functions of the original key. It features three push buttons for locking, unlocking and boot release and incorporates a space-saving retractable Silca quality blade.

With the Silca Remote Car Key Solution, duplicating original vehicle keys is easy:

  1. You search for the make, model and year of the vehicle key to preset in the special SRP software using a PC, or with a mobile device via the dedicated app.
  2. The programme tells you whether the remote can be preset and if so which key variant is needed.
  3. The software then sends the data necessary to pre-set the new key to the Smart Remote Programmer either remotely via Bluetooth or via the USB cable from a PC.
  4. The remote is pre-set by placing the new key over the key symbol in the recess in the Smart Remote Programmer using the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.
  5. Cut the FH key blade and fix it in the Remote Car Key using the pins provided*. SRP tells you what FH key blade to use.
  6. If necessary you can fit the Remote Car Key with the relevant transponder. SRP tells you what Silca transponder to use.
  7. Program the transponder using your key programming device or clone it using the Silca RW4 Plus or Fast Copy Plus.
  8. You can now program the remote car key into the vehicle either with your key programming device or through the on-board manual procedure.

Technical Data:

  • Power Supply: The device is powered via the USB cable connection or with 4 alkaline batteries type AA (supplied). Input voltage: 6V. Input Power: 0.9W. Input current: 150mA.
  • Antenna Field frequency: NFC Antenna: 13,56 MHz. Bluetooth Antenna: 2,45 GHz.
  • Dimensions: Width: 84mm. Lenght: 145mm. Depth: 30mm.
  • Weight: 181g.

Discover the NEW Silca Texas 80 bit Solution     

Expand your services. Gain new customers.


Start cloning and programming Toyota, Ford, Kia vehicles and more.

Today we are really excited to introduce the NEW Silca 80 bit Solution which allows you to clone and program transponder keys for some of the most popular vehicle models worldwide. That means gaining new customers because you can now expand the automotive services you can offer. Have I mentioned this innovative system is also free of charge? Yes, you won’t pay a dime for updating your software updates. Sounds good? Let’s see how it works.

For Cloning

The Texas 80 bit Solution allows you to clone transponder keys for many of the most sold Toyota models.

First things first, you have to update the software of your Silca RW4 Plus and Fast Copy Plus. As I have already said, this comes FREE of charge (but please note the software update is not available for RW4/Fastcopy with a P-Box).

Now all you need is the New T80 cloning transponder available here at Keyprint and you will be ready to clone all Toyota “G” type models.

Last but not least, the Silca Texas 80 bit solution works in standalone mode with no internet connection needed giving you unparalleled flexibility and the confidence to provide your customers with a top-quality service at any given moment. Who doesn’t like more happy customers? 


For Programming

Silca Texas 80 bit - programming


Thanks to the Silca TRP Setting and RW4 Plus / Fast Copy Plus, you can also pre-set transponders ready for programming with your key programming devices. To fully enjoy the benefits of the system, you need some new transponder chips:

  •          T80 for programming Toyota and Ford models
  •          T39 for programming Hyundai, Kia and Subaru models

Silca compatible keys 

The Texas 80 bit Solution is also fully compatible with the entire range of Silca automotive key blanks that you can find here at Keyprint: Look A-like Keys, MH-TA Keys, Empty Shells, Flip Keys.

Click here to see the new T80 transponder chip.

What is Code Maker and why do you need it?

Code Maker for Silca Futura and Futura Pro


Code Maker is a new functionality for the Silca Futura and Silca Futura Pro allowing you to create cards for keys not yet available in the Silca database. Once you purchase Code Maker, you can access it via the Futura and Futura Pro tablets and activate it by updating your Futura software. You can then use it offline without the need of an internet connection.


What cutting cards can you create?

You can create cutting cards for both flat and dimple keys with just one Code Maker. The creation of cutting cards for laser keys is not supported at the moment. 


How can you import cards created with Code Maker on SKP?

If you are using Code Maker with other Silca electronic key cutting machines, you can import the cards that you have already created using a USB stick. The Futura and Futura Pro Code Maker software will automatically update the information abut the hardware you have to use to cut the key (clamp, jaws, cutters, etc.) 



Clay By Salto rebrands as Salto KS and upgrades its functionality

Salto KS Header


Combining SALTO’s proven reliability with a cloud-based access control, Salto KS "Keys as a Service" offers a solution which is especially geared for small/medium-sized businesses, shared spaces and rental properties.

With improved functionalities and performance, Salto KS offers a flexible access control management system that requires no software installation or the added expense of a fully-wired electronic product. All that is needed is an online device with an Internet connection. Providing end users with cloud-based Salto KS reduces cost and almost eliminates the need for maintenance. Salto KS cloud-based access control also provides flexibility, reliability, and real-time access management from any Internet platform.

Innovation at the core

Having revolutionised access control around the world in sectors where security is critical and pioneered market developments, Salto Systems continues to spearhead innovation in the access control market by launching Salto KS “Keys as a Service”, the most advanced and recognised cloud locking solution on the access control market.

“The phrase Keys as a Service combines SALTO’s strong innovation in the access control market with the essence of cloud computing,” says Salto Chief Marketing and sales Officer Marc Handels. “The word ‘keys’ is a recall to SALTO’s foundation of innovation, just as our SVN data-on-card system revolutionized the industry. The phrase ‘as a service’ is the essence of cloud computing referring to an increasing number of services that are delivered over the Internet rather than provided locally or on-site.”

Feedback and insights

As a rebranding – and an upgrade – Salto KS enjoys the stability of SALTO’s strong brand and existing customer base. SALTO KS already includes more than 2,000 projects in five continents. A great variety of projects have been accomplished including small businesses like dentist offices, larger shared office spaces and a chain of greengrocer stores. Another important source of input has been the progress in advanced cloud technologies.

 “The cloud is here and once again SALTO is innovating security solutions by delivering – and continuously improving – our access control product to end users directly from the cloud,” says SALTO Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Marc Handels. “As a result of years of customer feedback from Clay by SALTO users and technological advancements in cloud computing, we’ve upgraded to a winning product in SALTO KS and the ability to deliver access control via Keys as a Service.”

Increased integration

Salto KS has also already been successfully integrated with market leaders to offer a comprehensive security solution within connected services. A partnership between Panasonic Cameramanager and SALTO is the first example of integration between a state-of-the-art cloud CCTV company and the Salto KS cloud-based access control.

The new attractive design and function of SALTO KS have empowered SALTO as never before to deliver a cutting-edge and user-friendly cloud access control solution.

Clay By Salto is now Salto Ks, Salto Systems,


New one pound coin and coin locks


New £1 coin: how will it affect coin locks and lockers?

As you have probably already heard, a newly shaped pound coin will enter into circulation March 2017. That means your business should prepare for the new currency and make sure that your coin-operated lockers accept the new coin. Here’s what you need to know to get ready for this transition.


What’s the timeline?


Timeline for the introduction of the new one pound coin

The Royal Mint has set up a two-step timescale for the introduction of the new shaped coin. It will enter into use from March 2017, and after just six months of co-circulation in which both old and new coin will be accepted, the current £1 pound coin will be retired for good. And after that date, it goes without saying, you shouldn’t accept the round pound coin for any lockers you have installed.

Why is the existing £1 coin being replaced?

Approximately one in thirty £1 coins are counterfeit. In circulation for more than thirty years, they have now become vulnerable to sophisticated counterfeiters with substantial costs to businesses and taxpayers.

That is why the Government is introducing a new, highly secure coin. Thanks to the twelve-sided shape and the two different metals it’s made up of, it will be much more difficult to counterfeit.

How can I get ready? Can you help me?

The good news is you can plan ahead to avoid the rush and the last-minute panic. You don’t have to wait until September 2017 to upgrade your lockers because we can provide you with solutions that will operate with both new and old coins.

Your next move should be checking your existing locks and lockers as early as you can. Are they coin operated? Did you install them before July 2016? If you’ve answered yes to both questions then it’s likely you’ll have to adapt or replace them.

I know this thought is already sending shivers down your spine, but you don’t need to panic. We have a range of cost-effective solutions which will ensure a smooth transition with no disruptions to you and the users of your facility. Let’s have a look.

Can I convert existing locks to take the new coin?

(Conversion kit available for the Assa Classic Coin Lock only)

If your lockers are equipped with an Assa Abloy Classic Coin Lock, a conversion kit is the first option available to you. Easy to fit, you can upgrade your existing coin locks without changing the whole case. And with just a new middle piece and coin restrictor, your locks will be ready. It also comes with a sticker to signal users your lockers accept both new and old pound coins.

What about new coin locks? 

Coin locks ready for the new one pound coin


First of all, are you about to buy a coin lock? Don’t forget to check that it is compatible with the new coin to avoid disappointment later. And if you are looking to replace all your existing locks, check out the new version of the Assa Abloy Classic and E-lite Coin Locks we provide. Hardwearing and easy to use, they are the perfect choice to be fully prepared for the introduction of the new pound coin.


Can I use keyless alternatives?

While you are at it, this may also be the right time to move to that digital or keyless solution that you were already considering. If it wasn’t on your agenda you should know that the potential benefits are huge here: just think how long you spend dealing with lost or missing keys.

Whether operated by card, wristband, ifob or code, keyless keypad lockers can simplify the management of your facility. As they eliminate the need for coins, tokens and, obviously, keys, they are an ideal solution for both users and staff. Get in touch to find out more.


Please note:

When planning and using your locker locks, you will need to take into consideration whether they are right/left handed or for wet/dry areas.

coin locks - different variants

Still not sure what’s best for you? Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0131 555 0909 or send an email to Our dedicated team of experts will be happy to help you with any doubt you might have.

Original Mr Li's tools

Great quality       Great design       Great precision


Mr Li's Original Tools: the best vehicle opening tools on the market which let you work faster, work better and work more


Five new Mr li's Original tools available to you            

Today we are expanding the collection of Mr Li's 2 in1 Pick & Decoders available to you. These four new picks and the updated version of the HU162t (10) are the perfect additions to any tool kit, enabling you to pick and decode even more vehicles in a few minutes.

Professionals all over the globe already use Mr Li's vehicle opening tools as they make their job so much easier. Having worked with Mr Li for many years, Keyprint is always on the lookout for the best professional lock picking products. We believe these car opening tools are the ideal choice to overcome any job you are called out to do.


More choice and convenience                                                                                                                

We want to make sure that our advanced solutions support your skills and efforts in providing a great service to your customers. The result? Uniquely designed, our latest additions make the task of unlocking new car models quicker and more efficient. That means that you will be able to work faster, answer more enquiries and secure a swift return on your investments.


Enjoy the usual quality of the Mr li's Original Tools                                                                                                                                              

Mr Li's door lock opening tools are also the ideal choice for those who don't like to compromise on the quality of their tooling. Created with professionals in mind, the tools are exactly what you need: top quality equipment that endures the wear and tear of everyday use. Look for the "Mr Li" logo to make sure that you are purchasing and enjoying a guaranteed and original product.


Get your new Mr Li's Original Tools today                                                                                                                                                   

Place your order now to:

  • Work faster. Pick and decode locks in minute
  • Work better. Easily carry over any job
  • Work more. Enjoy a happier customer base and receive more enquiries

Order them today


Mr Li's Original Anti-Glare Tools

Stop worrying about glare

Have you ever been out on a job and struggled to read the decoding because of the sunlight? Pretty annoying, isn't it? Mr. Li has recently released new anti-glare 2in1 pick and decoders with a brush stainless steel finish which allows easy reading even in the brightest of lights. This means you no longer have to worry about any glare when working. They also benefit from a harder surface,

You will also enjoy a harder surface, anti-scratch and anti-corrosion finish. Get an anti-glare 2in1 car opening tool today to work at the best of our abilities in any condition of light.

Order yours today


NEW Silca Futura Pro
07 November 2016

Silca Futura Pro: Discover the NEW Silca Key Cutting Machine

Silca Futura Pro


Find out why the Silca Futura Pro makes key cutting faster and easier

Following today’s launch, we are thrilled to announce that the new Silca Futura Pro is now available to you for pre-order. Faster performance meet the Silca craftsmanship you've learned to love in the Futura Pro. That results in a top-quality key cutting machine ideal for locksmiths and key cutters alike.

Building on the undeniable strengths of the Silca Futura, the new Futura Pro delivers those upgrades you've asked for. Let's take a closer look at the most significant innovations:


Faster Performance

Combining cutting-edge technologies and upgraded electronics, you’ll enjoy improved cutter speeds (1585RPM for flat keys and 12100RPM for laser/dimple keys) and a new ultra-responsive tablet. It also features faster cutting cycles with a motor up to three times more powerful than the Silca Futura. Which means no more long waits in front of your machine as you will breeze through any key cut offering five-star services in a flash.

The new shortcut function will make the search for the right vehicle key cutting code quicker and easier. Instantly prompting the make and model you’re looking for, you won’t have to manually enter the entire field ever again.


Lightweight but hardwearing

Extremely portable and light in weight, the Futura Pro is hard on features: with two USB ports and a tethering connection, your machine and tablet will remain operational even when the Wi-Fi signal is lost. The second USB port can also be used to connect the USB flash drive supplied to import code tables or machines software updates.

With the revamped utensil area on top of your machine, you will keep your work space even more organised as your tools and accessories will be at the ready when you most need them. Feather-like weight doesn’t come at the expense of durability. Coupling stainless steel screws with superior components, your machine will last longer, proving an invaluable ally in your everyday work for many years to come.


Incredible power at your fingertips

The new software makes operating and upgrading your machine as easy as tapping a few buttons. On-screen instructions will help you smoothly select the correct key profile, choose the right cutter and more. The software will also lead you to inform you of upgrades with step-by-step guidance via WI-Fi or web service with Silca Remote. The preview function which allows you to check and correct the cut for a worn key is now available also for laser keys.



Thanks to these innovations, the Silca Futura Pro promises to be the most advanced multi-function electronic key cutting machine on the market. Click here if you want to find out more.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0131 555 0909 or send an email to and our dedicated team of experts will be happy to discuss your individual needs.


2 in 1 ANTI-GLARE Pick and Decoder

For almost any car in the world, there is a Mr Li’s Original Pick and Decoder.  These high quality tools are designed and manufactured by Mr Li himself; look for the ‘Mr Li’ logo for a guaranteed original product.

These new tools benefit from the addition of a brush stainless steel finish. This means that you won't need to worry about glare when working anymore. They also have a harder surface and anti-scratch & anti-corrosion features.

Mr. Li's Original Tools - Anti-Glare

 Order Yours Now


We stock the full range of Mr Li’s Original tools, even the new 2-in-1 Titanium version. 

 Mr Li's Original tools - Titanium version

2-in-1 Titanium Tools


 Full Range



Coming Soon! Silca ID48
07 December 2015

New ID48, the complete automotive cloning solution by Silca

Keyprint is pleased to invite you to be part of the full Silca ID48 cloning solution

The Silca ID48 solution consists of add-on hardware which is compatible with existing Silca cloning devices (RW4 + P-Box, Fast Copy + P-Box, RW4 Plus, Fast Copy Plus) which utilises cloud-based software to produce a cloned key. Silca ID48 covers over 200 vehicle models of major automotive groups. (see PDF for full details).

• Works as a module similar to the P-Box. No P-Box is necessary to use Silca ID48

• Compatible with ID48, ID48-A1, ID48-A2, ID48-A3 and ID48-A4 only (not ID46)

• Works using a snoop device and a new chip

• Designed to be used alongside a computer, tablet or smartphone. An internet connection will be required

• Covers a wide selection of vehicles, from 1997 to present day

• Expected launch around Easter 2016

Special offers until End of January:

  • ID48 Cloning Module, Snoop and 10 Silca ID48 Chips

£520 instead of £699!

  • ID48 Cloning Module, Snoop and 10 Silca ID48 Chips with RW4 Plus*

*when you trade in any transponder machine

£999 only

Call Us to Pre-Order +44 (0) 131 555 0909

Maximum Security Yale Doormaster™ PAS3621:2011

New Yale Doormaster British Standard

• Replaces almost all lockswith hooks/bolts

• Ideal for PVCu or composite doors

• One visit solution

Yale Doormaster™ PAS3621 includes all the great features of the Doormaster Professional lock, with the addition of maximum security features to make this PAS3621 compliant.

•  Tested to Police Approved Secured By Design standard and  PAS 24 door set capable

• Variants available for PVCu & composite/timber doors

• Stronger centre gearbox with new hook arrangement

• Stronger thicker faceplate in new  material

• Anti-drill plates on the centre  gearbox

• Larger, stronger keeps with more fixing positions (will still fit  all profiles)

• Larger screws

• Crop when fitting for greater  adjustment

• Supplied with pre-assembled keeps including Uni-packerTM   system for PVCu doors or flush fit  keeps for timber/composite doors

• Supplied with split spindles for nightlatch operation

• 10 year guarantee

Yale Doormaster BS Benefits

Order Now

We were delighted to welcome Mr. Li on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th October for two days of training on his auto locksmith 2 in 1 pick and decoding tools!

Original Lishi

On top of being a great inventor, Mr. Li takes great pride in teaching how to use his tools. We had the distinct honour of welcoming him for two training programs: an introductory class and an advanced class.

Both sessions started with a presentation of Mr. Li’s professional career, from the years 2000 - the moment he decided to invent and design tools to make locksmiths’ jobs easier and faster - to the launch of his brand new high quality tool: the titanium version of his 2 in1 picks and decoders.

Mr.Li Training on his original Lishi tools

Shah Jiwa, James, Mr. Li & Nagib Jiwa

After the theory, came the time for some practise. The students could not wait  for this part to begin, as Mr. Li had given them a brand new personal opening tool engraved with  their name! He took the time to sit down with each student and showed them how to make  the best use of it.

For the advanced class, Mr. Li and his team decided to add some more fun by running a competition: the challenge was to pick and decode 3 different locks within the smallest amount of time. One cannot but notice that Mr. Li achieved his goal: some of the students were able to pick and decode the locks in less than a minute! Then, to everyone’s astonishment, Mr. Li showed how he could pick a lock in seconds without even looking at it, holding it behind his head. Our team at Keyprint really enjoyed watching everyone trying and – for some of them – succeeding!

On completion of the training, each student received a training certificate signed by Mr. Li. We are very proud to say that the feedback we have received from the participants was extremely positive, they all had a great time and were delighted to increase their knowledge thanks to Mr. Li and his team.

We can provide you with the entire range of Mr.Li's Original tools, including the new Titanium range and Anti-glare range, that make the use of the tool in direct sunlight or by artificial light much easier. We also offers a range of training courses to suit customers’ needs and can tailor specific training if required. 



Origimal lishi pick and decoder

Keyprint, your security partner for over 30 years

Easier, Faster, Smarter


Smart Decoder Image

Discover our new high quality and straightforward vehicle opening tool.

Due to its restricted guidance, it is easy to learn how to use the Smart Decoder. This gated design ensures that you always find the correct wafer to pick!

Even in bad lighting conditions, it is easy to read the codification due to the high-quality engraving.
With the help of the attached scales on both sides of the tool, the key cuts can be comfortably read even if the front points towards the floor.

Smart Decoder Description

This product is manufactured from top-quality, stainless steel. All parts have been carefully welded together to ensure the highest durability.

Each Smart Decoder has the profile number and the code card of Silca for easy identification and speed to produce keys.

This tool is available for:

  • HU66 (VAG)
  • HU92 (BMW)
  • HU100R (BMW F-Series)
  • HU64 (Mercedes)
  • HYN11 (Hyundai)
  • MAZ24R (Mazda)
  • NSN14 (Nissan)
  • TOY15 (Toyota)


Pre-Order NOW

Please note:

You now need your email address to login, instead of your username.

All existing active accounts have been transferred over and your password will remain the same.

If you would like to change your password, you can do so by going to: My Account -> Change Password.


New to the Keyprint Website:

Fully Responsive Site - You can view the site on any device, from a desktop computer to a smartphone!

Shared Baskets across devices - Start an order on one device and finish it on another. All you need to do is login to each device you will be using and your basket will be shared.

Improved Search - Search across product names, codes & Product Descriptions.

New & Improved Express Orders - You can now search by a partial stock code, view price breaks and add to basket all from our improved Express Order engine. Price breaks are also shown to enable you to get the best rates.

Improved My Account features

And many more minor improvements to the usability of the site.


We hope you enjoy using our new site. We will continue to make improvements to the site and will share details with you as they come.