New KESO Omega 8000Ω² Cylinder System

KESO Omega 8000Ω² is the latest generation of mechanical and mechatronic locking systems with new active copy protection. The reversible key system is suitable for both complex and simple locking systems. 

With a patent valid until 2034 and functional design protection, the new KESO system offers you extremely long investment protection. The system is rounded off with an innovative modular system for problem-free extension or shortening of the cylinders on-site

Outstanding security

  • Built to the latest standards. Consistent protection of a property is guaranteed if keys and cylinders are both patented and certified. KESO 8000Ω² profile cylinders comply with the DIN EN 18252 standard and are certified according to DIN EN 1303*, VdS** and FZG. All cylinders fulfill the highest requirements for operation, corrosion and locking security.
  • Drilling protection as standard. In the standard version, KESO 8000Ω² is tested in accordance with DIN EN 1303 resistance class D or VdS A. On request, we can offer even higher protection against drilling open and pulling with VdS – to fulfill your requirements optimally.
  • Active key protection. A patent alone does not offer protection from illegal key copies, regardless of whether copying takes place by conventional means or via 3-D printing. To prevent illegal key copies, you need active copy protection in the form of a moving element on the key.

Modular and flexible

  • With KESO 8000Ω², you benefit from a modular system that is not only quick to install but can also be extended flexibly. The length of the cylinders can be adapted on site to fit almost all door thicknesses.
  • Different cylinder types can also be integrated into one locking system – from profile cylinders and locking cylinders to padlocks. This provides comprehensive system solutions that can be implemented easily and expanded as required. The benefit for you: lower investment and maintenance costs.

Click here to find out more about KESO Omega 8000Ω² or contact our sales team by sending an email to or calling us on 0131 555 0909.

Danalock V.3: Smarter, Smaller, Safer


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Smarten up your home

The Danalock V3 is the third generation of motorized smart lock based on the feedback from early adopters customers and the latest development in data security and smart home technology. Smaller, stronger and easier to install the Danalock V3 takes the lead in the smart lock market and is setting new standards for years to come.

Easy access

With Danalock sharing access with relatives and friends is extremely easy, you can receive notification when the lock is used - and by whom - along with impressive features that eliminate the problems of mechanical keys. And in addition, Danalock senses your presence and knows just when to unlock or lock the door (which is similar to how modern vehicles operate).

Easy to install

Danalock’s installation is so simple, you can do-it-yourself in five minutes or less.

Subtle, yet secure

No need for flashing lights or visible moving parts to alert passersby that your house is protected by one of the most technologically-advanced electronic lock solutions on the market. The beauty of Danalock’s residential smart lock lies within. Danalock smart locks are simple in appearance but offer the security your home needs to protect what matters most.

nofootprint  No footprint on the door. No evidence of how it is protected 
 With Danalock your door looks just like a normal door with a standard-looking lock, there is   no impression of an electronic lock.
always enalbled

 Always enabled 
 Mechanical key override exists in the event of a forgotten or lost smartphone or no battery   power. You will always be able to access and operate your lock.

safer inside

 Safer Inside 
 Electronics are housed on the inside of the door, providing protection against vandalism,   adverse weather etc.


 Unmatchable security standard 
 Danalock uses AES256, the most advanced encryption method for transferring data and   TPM – Trusted Platform Module to store encryption keys. This high-security level has been   acknowledged by companies like Apple, Amazon, Google Nest and many others.


Smart home open the door to endless smart home possibilities

There’s a growing network of smart devices in your home – thermostat, lights, alarm system – and Danalock smart locks work seamlessly with these products. The smartest smart devices work together to provide user comfort, convenience and cost-saving.

 smart home

Danalock integrations

Interoperability has always been a cornerstone in Danalock products
The V3 is by far the most versatile and flexible platform available and is setting new standards in cross-platform interoperability. Let Danalock sense you are near and trigger all your smart home commands.

 z wave plus zigbee  HomeKit 

Z-wave and Zigbee integrations. Danalock offers different Z-Wave versions and also a Zigbee version.
This enables it to be integrated into different ecosystems like Amazon Echo, Nest, IFTTT, Harmony etc. converting the Danalock V3 in the trigger or starter that will boost your home system as soon as you unlock your door.


airbnb  API

Airbnb integration
The Danalock Airbnb integration enables you to share mobile keys directly to the guest smartphone for the period of time that the apartment has been rented through the Airbnb platform. No need to give physical keys, and after the stay, the mobile key expires.


SDKs and APIs

Danalock delivers full SDKs and APIs for partner integrations, enabling easy integration with existing systems like home automation, booking platforms etc.

With dimple key cylinders proving now more and more popular, we have added several new key references to our website as we keep expanding the range of dimple key blanks available to you. 


Wide coverage

From Cisa to Mul-T-Lock and Brisant, our range covers the most popular dimple cylinder systems in the UK.


We stock and provide high-quality dimple key blanks so that you will be able to offer five-star keys to your customers and stop wasting time and money on returns.  

Be sure to check out the new key blanks by clicking here and to see the full range now available online.


New Abrites AVDI RR017 Key Programming For Renault Talisman/Megane IV/Scenic IV/Espace V

The RR017 is the latest key programming solution for Megane IV/Scenic IV/Talisman and Espace V vehicles. The function reads the PIN Code and programs a key both when an extra key is required and in ALL KEYS LOST situations. Please note that when you are adding a new key to the vehicle, you will need to prepare it using the PROTAG programmer.

A new Renault Key Package is also available offering a discount on the total of the separate functions it includes.

New Abrites AVDI HK008 Pin code reading and key programming for Kia/ Hyundai

The new HK008 special function replaces the HK006 licence and represents a breakthrough Abrites have been working towards for a few months as they believe that their new solution is much more efficient than the PIN by VIN solution that is currently on the market. The new special function HK008 extracts the PIN from all vehicles that have a smart key (including 2018+ and regardless if the PIN has been changed during a service program). It also includes key programming for mechanical keys for all vehicles with Delphi, Kefico and Bosch EDC15/EDC16 ECUs.

Abrites Diagnostics for VAG version 34.0

  • Reworked the procedure for adaptation of EZS-Kessy from A6 (2005-2010) and Q7 (2006-2014).
  • Reworked the procedure for adaptation of Transmission of A6 (2005-2010) and Q7 (2006-2014).
  • Reworked the procedure for adaptation of Immo V ECU for the BCM2 cars (now it is possible to adapt the ECU completely by OBDII for the ECUs until 2013, for the other ECUs it is no longer necessary to write the flashback to the ECU).
  • Reworked the procedure for adaptation Immo III/Immo IV ECU/TCU (VN005). Adapting the devices without using the EM003 emulator.
  • ME17.5.24 is now supported - PIN/CS is read from the internal CAN bus.
  • Cluster calibration completely by OBD for the following models: Audi A6/A7 (4G) - Audi A8 (4H) - VW Touareg (7P) - (Available with the VN010 function for cars produced after 2010+).
  • New versions of the EZS Kessy related modules added for component protection as well as new versions of MMI modules added across the Generation I and II.
  • Component protection added for Central electric.
  • Added support for Component protection for the 09-Central electric module with Quorriva MCU.

Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes Online

Introduced simple and easy functions for coding such as:

  • Enabling and disabling of the seat belt alarm, for example, W205/ W222/ W217/ W166 new models.
  • Change of the MAX SPEED Limit (including all AMG models).
  • Enabling and disabling of the video in motion for older and newer cars up to 2018.
  • Enabling and disabling of the AMG start screen for older and new Mercedes Benz models.
  • Enabling and disabling of "Apple car play". In some cases, an update is needed and this can be done using the Abrites flash programming in Mercedes Benz for phone screen mirroring for example.
  • Ability to calibrate the sunroof.
  • Ability to calibrate 360-degree cameras, enable, coding, including Special Vehicle Solution (SVS).
  • Enabling, disabling and calibrating the Special Vehicle Solution front camera.
  • Mercedes Special Vehicles Solutions rear-view mirror cameras enabling, disabling and calibrating.
  • DPF regeneration and renewal.
  • DPF running time and mileage value reset (CRD3).
  • Emergency engine starts when the AdBlue mileage reaches "0" and you are not able to drive the car.
  • Renew of FBS4 control modules including 7G Tronic units 722.9. ALL BY OBD or internal CANBUS (MN027).
  • Renew of FBS4 CRD 3.X Engine Control Units including original VIN reset. ALL BY OBD or internal CANBUS (MN027).

Abrites Diagnostics for Renault version 31.5 (online)

  • Key and remote control programming for MEGANE IV (2016+) and the derivative of the so-called Common Module Family vehicles included in the new RR017 special function: Renault Megane IV 2016+; Renault ESPACE 2015+; Renault Talisman 2015+ / Renault Samsung SM6; Renault Scénic IV 2016+ (Supported in RR017).
  • Autoliv Airbag Clear Crash for Talisman, Megane IV, Scenic IV, Espace V, Kadjar.
  • Virgin Engine Control Module (ECM) adaptation for Clio IV, Twingo III, Trafic III, Logan II, Sandero II, Duster Ph2, Dokker, Lodgy.
  • PIN reading speed improved on poor internet connection.
  • Clio IV, Logan II, Sandero II, Dokker, Lodgy, Duster Ph2 2015+ PIN reading support improved.
  • General diagnostic improvements - identification of UDS vehicles improved, live data items order fixed.
  • Recovering of Smart453 possible with RR015 licence.

Abrites Diagnostics for Nissan/ Infiniti version 31.5 (online)

  • Brand new cloud-based diagnostics user interface.
  • Easy vehicle recognition by image.
  • Auto-detection by VIN when possible.
  • Supports full vehicle scan, module identification, read/clear DTC, live data, actuator tests and various procedures.

Abrites Diagnostics for Fiat/ Alfa/ Lancia/ Chrysler/ FCA version 7.3

  • Reading of the PIN codes of the new Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep models such as the Chrysler Pacifica from 2017+. This function will be a free addition to all FN017 owners with a valid AMS.
  • BCM from Delphi with NEC 70F3632/70F3633. They will be supported for Reading/Writing of Flash and Data Flash. Again this will be available for customers with the FN017 and a valid AMS.

Abrites Diagnostics for Opel/ Vauxhall version 7.3

  • Insignia B - Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) - 4.2-inch Color Display [Free for all the customers who currently have the ON013 special function].

Abrites Diagnostics for Bikes version 2.0

  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles added for diagnostics (for older models should be used with J1850 adapter).
  • Features such as motorcycle arming and unarming available for Harley Davidson.
  • CAN-based BCMs - pin programming, key programming.
  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles equipped with hands-free Security Module (HFSM - key fob without button) or Turn Security Signal Module (TSSM - key fob with button) - pin code reading, pin code change, key fob programming.
  • A complete solution for the HD Motorcycles brand and the key programming of one of the most legendary motorcycle companies in the world.

Abrites Diagnostics for Ford/ Mazda version 7.4

  • Synchronization of hybrid vehicle immobilizer systems.
  • Allowing us and you to work with Hybrid models produced by Ford.
  • FORD F150 2014+ mileage recalibration added.
  • Key and remote programming of the following vehicles of the latest generation: Ford Mondeo; Ford S-max; Ford Fusion.

Abrites Diagnostics for Volvo version 5.9

  • CEM (Central Electric Module) coding reading and writing function solving one of the oldest problems for any Volvo workshop
  • Brake Control Modules are now supported for Serial Number reading and writing when the module is replaced.
  • Ability to write MOST ring modules in CEM (Central Electric Module), perfect when replacing the module.
  • Cluster flashing allowing the ability to change the language.

Abrites Diagnostics for Rolls Royce

  • A completely new software solution for Rolls Royce vehicles based on the Abrites Online Platform.

Abrites Diagnostics for Subaru Online

In the new version of the Abrites diagnostics for Subaru we now have coverage for the latest Subaru BRZ:

  • New Subaru BRZ Smart systems added (2017+).
  • Improved diagnostics for Subaru BRZ and new models Subaru vehicles.

The support covers the systems when a master key is present. All keys lost will be added in the next update.

Abrites Diagnostics for Jaguar and Land Rover version 2.4

New Airbag modules added for reading and writing to assist with the clearing of crash data:

  • BJ32-14C246-xx
  • CX23-14C246-xx
  • CK52-14C246-xx
  • EJ32-14C246-xx
  • FH22-14C246-xx
  • GK62-14C246-xx
  • EX53-14C246-xx
  • HPLA-14C246-xx

Abrites Diagnostics for Peugeot/Citroën version 7.8

  • Improved support for Continental UDS BSI 2015+.

Manage your security from one single account

Salto KS Camera Manager

SALTO Systems has launched KSconnect first integration: Video Surveillance With Cameramanager for Cloud-Based KS ‘Keys As A Service’ 

SALTO Systems, a leading global manufacturer of electronic access control solutions, launched KSconnect – an integration platform powered by SALTO’s KS Keys as a Service cloud-based access control – at IFSEC in London. The first KSconnect integration – with Eagle EyeCameramanager – offers SALTO KS end users a powerhouse security solution of access and video anywhere, anytime.

“One of the greatest things about the cloud is the ability to collaborate and when we developed our SALTO KS Keys as a Service cloud-based access control product, we prepared it to be integrated with many different cloud environments,” says Marc Handels. “We are excited about our first SALTO KS KSconnect integration with Panasonic Cameramanager video surveillance"

Salto KS Camera Manager App


What is Salto KSConnect?

Knowing that cloud-based access control like SALTO KS is often just one part of an effective security solution, SALTO has developed KSconnect. SALTO KSconnect allows you to integrate your SALTO KS cloud-based access control with other security applications – like video surveillance – for a more comprehensive solution. Thanks to the integration with Salto KS, you will be able to manage your doors, locks, security credentials and video surveillance from one single account.

A new integration

The first integration is a partnership with Panasonic Cameramanager, a cloud-based video management product from one of the leading names in video surveillance. Cameramanager is the ideal video surveillance solution for small to medium-sized businesses, such as stores, hairdressers, cafes, and many more. Cameramanager users can view and manage cameras anywhere and anytime with the ability to watch stored HD footage via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

SALTO KS, with more than 2,000 systems, offers an innovative cloud-based access control solution, which is especially embraced for retail, co-working spaces and Rental properties with vastly better functionality and performance than is possible with a traditional solution.

Click here to find out more about the Salto KS system. If you want to speak to a member of our team, please send an email to or call us on 0131 555 0909.

Thin or Thick: why choose slender or standard Peterson picks

Peterson picks: slender vs standard

Customer is locked out, you approach the lock but you can’t fit your pick into the keyway or you find really hard to manoeuvre the pins inside the lock. Good chances are you are attacking a lock with a narrow “paracentric” keyway.

To solve this issue, most manufacturers have come up with different widths for their picks. This gives you more options when choosing your picks but, on the other hand, can make it harder to choose the set that is right for you and the locks you normally find in your job.

Three widths to pick them all

As you can see in the picture below, Peterson picks come in three different widths.

Peterson picks slender vs standard

A different width means a different degree of flexibility and stress resistance and, as you can already guess, different pros and cons. To find out more about the benefits of each width, watch our short explainer video here:

To sum up

Peterson picks

Which Peterson picks should I get?

If you work on locks with a standard keyway, you should get a “standard” 0.025” picks (click here to see the range) that will still be very useful in most locks and will generally last longer than a thinner pick.

If you are already finding a lot of locks with narrow keyways in your area or you want to be ready for any lock you may encounter, then you should definitely add a selection of slimmer picks to your sets. Although thinner and so a bit more prone to breaking than a standard 0.025” pick, Peterson Government Steel guarantees an excellent resistance and durability so that you won’t need to change them every month.

If you are heavy handed on the lock, then the new line of 0.018” slender picks (click here to see the range) is a good compromise that should perfectly suit your style of picking. They are quite thin so to give you enough room to work on the pins while offering a greater level of resistance to stress and tension of lock picking than the slimmer 0.015” picks (click here to see the pick sets).

InstaCode Subscription vs InstaCode Live: how to choose the best solution for your business?

InstaCode Subscription or InstaCode Live? What are the differences? Which one should I get? If those are the questions that keep you awake or you simply want to know more about this fantastic key data software, keep reading this blog post as we are going to analyse what features and benefits they share, what sets them apart and help you decide which is the best solution for you and your business. 

Firstly, InstaCode 1-year Subscription and InstaCode Live are two “variants” of the same data software for key cutting machines with one main difference: InstaCode Subscription consists in a subscription (the clue is in the name) to a software that you install onto a pc or laptop and you can then run offline. InstaCode Live is a licence that gives you access to an online service from a device of your choice (the browser of your pc, the smartphone app you name it etc.).

Before talking about their differences though, let's take a look at what features and benefits they have in common.

Main common features:

  • They include cross-referencing for 132+ key blank manufacturers, over 70,000 references, 8000+ key code series and 3 billion+ (yes billions!) key codes.
  • They include Images of key blanks and keyways that display space & depth information, flat widths, angles, measurements, card number and other relevant key cutting information on vehicle and household keys.
  • They both offer a very intuitive interface.
  • Printouts of whole code series (for use in your van).
  • You can search for bittings across a range of code series.
  • They support for the widest range of key machines.
  • They both offer instructional guides for transponders and info on opening vehicles.

Single vs Multi:

The first big difference between the two variants is the platforms and devices that they work on. You can run InstaCode Subscription only on a Windows pc or laptop thus being a good option if you have a shop or don't plan to use it on the go that often. You also won't need to chase wifi signal around the shop or worry about the internet going down right when you need to access your software as it runs offline once you have activated it.

InstaCode Live gives you much more flexibility because you can run it on and access the online service from multiple platforms (Windows, IOS, Android) and devices (pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.). This means, for example, that you can download the InstaCode app to your phone and easily access codes even from a van or the side of the road. A very welcome addition especially if you are a mobile or an auto locksmith.

The only downside is that it requires an internet connection at all time so you may lose access to the service if you are in an area with poor internet connection.

Pricing Structure:

Here things start to get really interesting as the pricing structure is one of the most important differences between InstaCode and InstaCode Live.

Whereas the only option available for Instacode Subscription is a one-off yearly payment, InstaCode Live comes in various plans as you can see from the table below:

This might be a very attractive feature if, for example, you only focus on domestic services or if you are an auto locksmith who only needs automotive codes and information. You can choose a plan tailored to your needs, so you don't subscribe to (and waste money on) features that aren't relevant to your business and you will never use.

To sum things up here is a table providing a brief comparison of the two options:

If you still have some questions, please call us on 0131 555 0909 or send an email to 

The New Silca T80+ Wedge Chip is now available to you 

NOW IN STOCK AND READY TO ORDER [updated 01/06/2018]

The Silca T80+ transponder chip is the unique solution for cloning transponders for many Ford®, Toyota®, Hyundai® and Kia® models worldwide. The Silca T80+ solution also pre-codes 80-bit transponders for Subaru® vehicles and gets them ready for programming with your key programming device such as Abrites AVDI, Advanced Diagnostics etc. Carbon chip will fit entire range of Silca keys, Silca original remotes and Xhorse remotes.

For Cloning:

  • You can use the T80+ chips and your RW4 Plus/Fast Copy Plus (free update to version 04.06.91 available to you) with M-Box to clone Toyota, Ford, Hyundai and Kia transponder keys.
  • Toyota: You can clone standalone with no internet connection or snoop device required.
  • Ford, Hyundai, Kia: You can clone online and without a snoop device required.

For Programming:

  • Precode a transponder key with the T80+ chip and the Silca TRP setting and RW4 Plus/Fast Copy Plus. Use the precoded chip to program Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia & Subaru models with your key programming device.

Main Applications:

Cloning: Toyota, Ford, Kia, Hyundai

Programming: Toyota, Ford, Kia, Hyundai and Subaru

Click here to order your chip

Mr Li's Original Tools Verification is Here

Mr Li has implemented a new verification system that will guarantee that you are getting tools that offer only the highest level of quality and design. This system consists of a very special sticker attached to the back of each tool featuring a verification code.

Verifying your tools is the only way to ensure that you are getting TRUE Mr Li's Original Tools quality and that your tools will allow you to easily pick and decode the most popular vehicle locks on the market.

About the Verification Label


The label on the back of your tools includes four different ways to verify you have purchased a Mr Li's Original Tool: 

  • A hidden UV number corresponding to the coloured digit on the right side.
  • A randomly coloured QR Code.
  • A scratch coating covering a ten position randomly generated combination of ten letters and numbers.
  • A sequential tool management numbers.

How it Works

Verifying your tools is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Scratch the coating off the verification code on the bottom of the label affixed to the back of your tool.
  2. Visit and click the Tool Verification link at the top of the page.
  3. Enter the verification code and your email address and confirm that the tool is verified successfully.
  4. Be secure in the knowledge that you own a true Mr Li's Original Tool.

All our MR Li's Original Tools are come with the new verification label to offer you best tools on the market so that can confidently take on any job. Click here to check out the full range.

Discover how to use the Xhorse Condor Mini to cut HU162T key blanks for new VAG locks


Update your Xhorse Condor Mini to version V5.03 and follow our step-by-step guide to cut keys for new VAG locks:

  • Step 1 Select "Cut By Bitting" on the Main Menu and then enter the key reference HU162T-9 or HU162T-10 depending on the cuts of the key you have to cut. For the purpose of this guide, we will be using a 9-cut key blank.

  • Step 2 Tap “Key Decode”, select the key type and then tap (1) "Key Decode" to decode your customer’s key as shown in the below. (2) Alternatively, if you already know the height of the 9 bittings, simply enter them. Follow the on-screen instructions to cut the key.

  • Step 3 After you have successfully cut the horizontal cuts, go back to “Select Key Type” and proceed to decode the three vertical cuts remaining or enter the height of the bittings if you know them. Switch to position D of the M2 Jaw and use a key blank to hold the key you are cutting in position as shown in the images below. Follow the on-screen instructions to cut the key.

Click here to see the Xhorse Condor Mini in action