Keyprint is proud to introduce its training school and practical opening tools training programme.

The programmes are designed for locksmiths who want to expand their knowledge. They offer an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the extensive range of opening tools that are widely used today. Our training school is fully equipped with modern state-of-the-art training aids which will give participants the opportunity to practice on the opening tools they will use.

We feel that the correct use and maintenance of tools will not only help you develop your skills but help generate greater efficiency and productivity. In order to maximise your business potential, it is important to continually develop your skill-sets. With this in mind, we have developed training programmes that will help facilitate this process and allow participants to hone their skills.

Two types of practical training programmes are available; our one-day programmes are intensive and hands-on with the emphasis on learning how to use specific opening tools to gain entry. These programmes can also be used as refreshment courses.

Our week-long programmes concentrate on opening tools for particular market segments: Automotive, Commercial/Domestic and Safes. These programmes give more detailed background information, in addition to covering practical entry methods. The emphasis is on gaining practical experience of the wide range of tools which are currently available.

Training is offered in group-based programmes (generally between 4-6 people). In addition, we can offer one-to-one training on special request.