SimonsVoss, the new keyless web-based solution

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Easy to install, set up and manage, Mobile Key brings wireless access control to your small or medium-sized business. 

You can tailor your system to your preferences and have the ability to control who has access, where and when, and have event logging at your fingertips.

What are the benefits of adopting a SimonsVoss Mobile Key system?

  • Affordable and cost-effective. Enjoy the convenience and enhanced security of being in control of your building at a fraction of the cost of a fully-wired solution.
  • Easy to install.  You can retrofit your existing doors thanks to a cable–free installation with minimal disruption to current occupants or visitors to your building.
  • You don’t need to phone up the IT guys. You don’t have to install complicated software to set up your Mobile Key system. With just a few clicks you can manage who can access which doors and when on your browser. Simple as that, you can log into your web account with your desktop, tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere.
  • Low maintenance costs. Mobile Key is a secure and convenient way to control your building. With long-lasting battery life, it takes away the stress of current everyday security.
  • No pesky small print. Mobile Key is a truly plug and play solution with no subscription plans or additional fees: you’ll be ready to control your system as soon as you install your new locks and set up the web app.

How does it work?

Simons Voss

Program and manage with ease

The small, compact USB programming device and a web account allow you to easily set up and manage your Mobile Key system. You can log into your account, control and change who has access to which doors and at which time on all devices such as PCs, tablet PCs, Macs or smartphones. Download the free app to your Android or Windows device and you are ready to configure your doors and transponders.

SimonsVoss Transponder

The SimonsVoss transponder serves as your new electronic key. Equipped with a high-performance battery, it can activate up to 400,000 locking and unlocking procedures. If lost, you can disable it instantly and configure a new one as required at the click of the mouse.


Available in different sizes, the digital locking cylinder can perform up to 300,000 locking operations thanks to the integrated battery. Cable-free, you won’t need to drill your doors or walls. That means you can carry out the installation of your system in as low as one day ensuring minimal disruptions to everyday activities.

Digital Smart Relay

With the smart relay, you will easily integrate gates in your Mobile Key system. It allows you to control electrically-opened doors, gates and barriers and switch lighting, heating and machines.

PinCode Keypad

Open your doors with a 4- to 8-digit code. You can fit the ultra-slim PIN code keypad indoors or outdoors without any cabling and even mount it on glass. Save time and costs when events such as seminars and evening meetings, for example, by issuing a special code for the entrance door.

Online Extension (Optional)

The online extension connects your system directly with the SimonsVoss server. That means you will be able to implement changes in real time and open doors remotely – granting access to a coworker for instance.

For special short-term authorisation, there is the Key4Friends function: you can send temporary access codes to friends, relatives or workmen – straight to their smartphones. The recipient in turn merely has to download the app to be able to receive and use the code. This way, you can grant access for up to three weeks.

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