The British Standard Cylinder System That ticks ALL the Right Boxes

Perfect for you. Perfect for your customers.


Why you should choose ESLA Technick Pro as your preferred high-security cylinder


1. Impressive Security Standards

The ESLA Technik Pro Series offers your customers unbeatable security and solidity. Packed full of outstanding security features and tested to the highest British Standard Kitemark TS007 3-star rate the Technik Pro Series is exactly what your customers want to feel protected and secure.


2. Patent Protection Until 2032

The new ESLA Technik Pro series is patent protected until 2032 thus ensuring the highest possible levels of security and patent protection for all. With a patented key profile and security cards for proof of ownership, your customers will be always in control of who owns keys to their locks and doors. That means you will offer the ultimate control they need to feel secure within their homes and business premises.

3. Gain Return Key Business

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4. Keyed To Differ, Keyed Alike and Master Keyed Cylinders Available

No matter how big your project is, we can provide keyed-alike and master keyed-cylinders so that your customers can enjoy the peace of mind of a high-security cylinder and the convenience of not carrying a large bunch of keys at all time. Our in-house key cutting department can also cut extra keys for your keyed-alike and master-keyed cylinders at any time.

5. Wide Range

With a super-wide range that spans from Euro double to cam locks, from Norwegian cylinders to padlocks, ESLA Technik Pro is ideal to create master key plans that allow your customers to securely manage access to their home and business premises. The master key system can be a combination of any of the cylinder types available within the Technik Pro range, for example, Rim Cylinders, Rim Mortice, Euro Cylinders, Oval Cylinders, Scandinavian Cylinders, Cam Locks, Padlocks etc.

ESLA Technik Pro system has enormous capabilities and can accommodate various applications, from a single apartment block to more complex applications like airports, schools, hospitals, universities, football stadiums, commercial buildings etc.

6. Specialist Cylinder Functions Available

  • Construction keying. During the construction process, it is normal practice for the contractors to have control of the keys to each cylinder being fitted to the building. This compromises security as keys can be lost or stolen. With Construction keying a special pin is incorporated into the cylinder which allows a single ‘Construction key’ to be issued to the contractors so they can gain full access during the construction period. All the normal system keys are held until the point of hand-over to the customer/building owner. Any key from the system, when inserted into each cylinder and rotated, will release the special pin in the cylinder which renders the construction key inoperative and allows only the authorised keys to pass.
  • Anti-Barricade function. In some circumstances, such as secure institutions, care homes and psychiatric facilities it is desirable to prevent the inside thumbturn on the cylinder being used to hold the deadbolt in the locked position, preventing access by key from outside. To prevent this the ESLA Technik Pro series is available with a clutch mechanism which isolates the thumbturn from the keyway so that in an emergency the key will override the thumbturn if it is being held.
  • Classroom function. If a teacher needs to leave a room full of pupils for a short while, they can lock the door from the outside to prevent unauthorised personnel from entering whilst being reassured the door can always be opened from the inside, even when locked. The cylinder, however, can never be locked internally, making it ideal for classroom applications.