Master Key Systems

Master Key Systems from Keyprint

A master key system is a key plan whereby selected keys can open a number of pre-defined doors. It helps maintain better control, saves key replacement costs and is convenient, as there are a lower number of keys in circulation. It also provides quick access to all rooms within the premises, e.g. for security staff and management personnel. This is not only convenient but can save lives in case of emergency. For over 30 years, Keyprint have provided a fast and reliable in-house master keying service and can assist in specifying a suitable master key system to ensure that a system meets your clients' security, budget and functional requirements.

System Specification & Overview

When designing a new Master Key suite, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Where is the new Master Key suite to be installed? e.g. Residential, Office, School, Hospital etc.
  • What level of security and protection from common attack methods is required? For example, does the client require Anti-Pull plugs, or hardened pins to provide additional resistance from drilling?
  • Does the client require an open section to enable local key duplication or restricted keys that require a letter of authorisation?


  • A system specifically designed to suit your needs, regardless of the type of building, e.g. residential, commercial, small, large, complex, etc.
  • A multitude of cylinder options to fit your security, safety, aesthetic, regulatory and budget requirements.
  • We also offer fully integrated systems that include both mechanical and electronic components that can be operated using a single key, with proximity cards and key fobs available for secondary key holders to operate areas that contain electronic cylinders, proximity readers or pin-code readers, enabling the end-user to control access through time slots and provide temporary access when required.
  • Some of our systems include options such as classroom functions for schools, anti-ligature furniture, DDA-compliant thumbturns and accessories. 
  • We offer both open sections for systems where key blanks are available on the open market and patented designs, which restricts the availability of copy blanks to ensure a higher level of security.

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Our systems:



ESLA NG4 6 Pin Standard Security Cylinders

ESLA NG4 is a 6 pin standard profile security cylinder available in a full range of cylinder types.
  • Designed for uses where durability, cost and availability are extremely important
  • Available in a full range of cylinders
  • Also available as standard differ or keyed-alike
2000+ Patented System

2000+ Premier XT Patented Cylinders

The 2000+ Premier XT series is a high quality, comprehensive cylinder range suitable for medium to high-security applications. In addition to the conventional 6 cylinder pins, the 2000+ Premier XT series incorporates a unique ‘check pin’ with a small hook on its tip. The tip of the pin corresponds to the special undercut on the key profile.
  • Offers a higher level of security
  • Patented unique 'check-pin' feature to ensure keys aren't available on open market
  • Available in a full range of cylinders
  • Anti-Barricade and Classroom Functions available
  • Anti-Ligature furniture available
  • Patented until 2029
3000+ Patented System

3000+ Flat Key System

The 3000+ Series comprises 3 individual cylinder ranges which are fully compatible with each other and can be incorporated into the same master key system if required. Key blanks are only available to centres.
  • 3000+ is a restricted 10 pin flat key system. 
  • 3000+ AS is also a restricted 10 pin flat key system and anti-snap. It benefits from 1-star British Kitemark (TS007:2012).
  • 3000+ HS (High Security) is a patented (2029) 10 pin flat key system. It guarantees highly effective protection from illegal key duplication and also long-term return business.
The range includes euro, rim, rim mortice cylinders, cam locks and padlocks.
KESO High Security Systems

KESO High-Security Patented System

The KESO dimple-keyed locking system is useful for areas where a high level of security is required. It supports mechanical, mechatronic and electronic cylinders that can all be operated using one key.

The Keso Omega system meets stricter security requirements and offers high-quality copy protection. The Omega Key has an integrated “bolt/spring” technology which must be engaged on opening and closing the locking cylinder. This mechanism greatly increases the copy protection of the key.

  • Full Range of Cylinders
  • Patented Omega technology available
  • Anti-Ligature furniture available
  • Options: Anti-Drilling, Anti-Barricade, Pulling Protection and more...

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ASSA Locking Systems

ASSA Flexcore & Twin-Combi 5800

We also offer ASSA master-key suites, including ASSA Flexcore and the ASSA Twin-Combi systems.

We also offer ASSAfurnitureandlockcases
  • Full Range of Cylinders Available
  • Medium to High and Very High-security options
  • Patented design (copy keys are not available on the open market)
Electronic Access Control Systems

Electronic Access Control Systems

We offer a variety of electronic Access Control products and accessories that can be used to secure your door.

Our range of modular integrated systems is designed to work together in order to provide maximum flexibility in designing secure entry points.

We offer:
  • Stand-Alone/Offline Systems
  • Online Systems with System Management Software
  • Modular Access Control Systems
  • Choice of entry methods, such as Proximity Tags, Keypads, Electronic Door Closers and more...
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