Assa P600

The new ASSA P600 cylinders are ideal for a variety of master key applications from office suites and residential blocks to classrooms and hospital wards Based on a new patented cylinder technology together with a new key profile. Thanks to a full range of cylinder shapes, you'll be able to cover all applications, from outer and inner doors, overlockers and mailboxes to padlocks. Euro profile and UK oval profile cylinders can be supplied with special functions, such as key-override of the knob, dual-sided locking, floating cam piece and more.


Assa P600: how it works

The Assa P600 cylinder creates a new standard cylinder used for master key systems in a simple way but without compromise.

Assa P600


Benefits of Assa P600:

• Patented keys and technology provide maximum protection against unauthorised duplication

• Patented cylinder technology, pins, inner and key profile

• Meets the requirements of bump resistance in accordance with British Standards

• Certified according to EN1303, grade 6;0

• Key blanks are protected by patent ensuring key blanks cannot be manufactured by unauthorised parties

• ASSA P600 is precision engineered using high-quality materials ensuring the longevity of both cylinders and keys

• A full ASSA P600 master key system design service is available

• Fits all applications due to complete range of cylinder shapes and functions

• Cylinder house and inner with hardened steel inserts for drill resistance

• Can be used with all common security hardware due to extended key neck


To find out more about Assa P600 and the full range of profiles and applications available to you, please call us on 0131 555 0909 or send an email to