ICopy-XS Fob Cloner


ICopy-XS Fob Cloner

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The ICopy-XS Fob Cloner is the perfect tool to provide your customers with duplicate electronic cards and fobs.

Why ICopy-XS

With its wide coverage, you will be able to copy not only low-frequency fobs but also high-frequency, high-security fobs and cards currently not cloneable by other devices on the market such as the Smart Card Deluxe.

ICopy-XS is also easy to use. Place the card/fob on the ICopy-XS and with a few presses of one single button, you can read and copy them.


  • Expand your key duplication services. You can use it as a duplication machine along with standard key cutting in a retail store or van.
  • Beat your competitors. With its extensive coverage, you will duplicate most access control cards and fobs on the market. 
  • Easy to use. Present the existing card/fob to the machine, the machine reads it and you will have a copied card or fob in no time.
  • Free software upgrades.
  • It comes with instructions.

Watch how to copy high-frequency fobs

Watch how to copy low-frequency fobs

Kits available (see below):

  • Kit 1: 1x ICopy-XS, 5x M1-4B fobs to clone high-frequency fobs, 4x ID1 cards to copy low-frequency fobs.
  • Kit 2: 1x ICopy-XS, 20x M1-4B fobs to clone high-frequency fobs, 4x ID1 cards and 36x ID1 fobs to copy low-frequency fobs.

Please note: 

  • Intratone fobs: the iCopy-xs can copy these perfectly. HOWEVER: most Intratone readers have a cloning detection system whereby they read from and write to the tag and check if it is genuine. If it isn’t then they disable the original and the clone so it’s best not to take a chance.
  • KMS fobs. This is a dual frequency fob. To copy this fob you can’t use the single button but need to use the Read option from the menu and select. 1. M1 S50 1K 4B then once read you can select Write. This copies the HF part of the fob. To copy the LF part Select Read from the menu then 39. T5577 and once read select Write.

ICopy-XS Fob Cloner - 20 encrypted fobs, 4 cards and 36 standard fobs
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ICopy-XS Fob Cloner - 5 encrypted fobs and 4 cards
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