How To Calibrate Your RST Mustang Key Machine To Cut Dimple Keys

26 February 2024

RST Mustang: New How-To Guide

Calibrating the cutter and tracer of your RST Mustang key machine is a crucial step to ensure precision and accuracy in cutting dimple keys.

This guide will walk you through the process, helping you select the appropriate tools and execute the correct procedures. Before you start calibrating your machine, make sure that it is disconnected from the power supply.

  • Select the appropriate tracer and cutter: Select the correct tracer and cutter for the dimple keys that you want to cut. If you are using a double-ended tracer, identify which side is for dimple keys and use that one.
  • Insert the tracer and cutter into the housing: Insert the tracer into the housing without tightening it. Similarly, insert the cutter without applying any force to secure it in place.

  • Set the cutter and tracer height: Move the carriage of the machine so that both the tracer and the cutter hit a flat section of the jaw. Once they hit that spot, lock the left handle of the machine to prevent any movement of the carriage.
  • Secure the tracer and cutter in position: Tighten the grub screw on both the tracer and the cutter housing making sure that they stay at the same height. Ensure that both the cutter and the tracer are securely in position.

  • Create a spring movement: Because you are going to cut a dimple key, you want to make sure that the cutter hits the cut before the cutter does. You achieve that by creating a spring-like movement in the cutter.
  • Unlock the handle: To do so, rotate the right handle of the machine anti-clockwise to unlock it.

  • Adjust the tracer spring set knob and micro-adjustment dial: Release the tracer spring set knob on the left-hand side of the cutter and tracer housings. Unlock the micro-adjustment dial using the grub screw and turn it anti-clockwise until it reaches the end.

Following these simple steps will guide you through the process of calibrating the cutter and tracer of your RST Mustang making sure that you are ready to cut any dimple key with precision.


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