Xhorse Condor XC-009 Manual Key Cutting Machine

Manufacturer: Xhorse
XC-009 Manual Key Cutting Machine
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Xhorse Condor XC-009 Manual key Cutting Machine

The Xhorse Condor XC-009 is a high-quality single cutter key cutting machine designed to cut all flat single-sided and double-sided keys for door, car and bike locks.
With a weight of only about 10 kilos, the machine is easy to carry yet extremely solid and sturdy. It also indicates you when the battery is low so that you can charge it using the cable provided and be ready to cut keys for your next customer.
With a built-in lithium battery that will last up to 60-100 keys, the XC-009 doesn't compromise on power, making it the perfect machine for a van or a small shop. 
Main Benefits and Features: 
  • Small, light and easy to carry
  • High Precision: an adjustable calibrating guide to guarantee precise cuts.
  • Wide Range: equipped with 4-side rotating jaws with different sides that allow you to cut different keys.
  • Safe & Low Noise: low-noise DC brushless motor. Emergency switch so that you can turn off the power in case of emergency
  • Long battery life: equipped with a replaceable built-in lithium six 63 W.h (2500mA.h) battery to cut 60-100 keys in one charge. You can recharge the battery using the cable provided. You can still use the machine and cut keys while you are recharging it.
  • Charge time: approximately one hour and a half.
  • It's easy to access the battery to replace it. 
  • Solid & Durable: aluminium structure, processed by DMG precise machine.
  • Support: one-year warranty and lifelong technical support for free.
  • High-speed steel cutter.

Technical Specifications:

  • Motor rotation speed: 1800rpm
  • Clamp space: 95mm
  • Machine size: 285x175x180mm
  • Power: 200W
  • Power parameter: 12V-18V/3A
  • Motor Torque: 1.2 Nm
  • Warranty: 1 year
Xhorse Condor XC-009 Manual Key Cutting Machine
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