Peterson Ultimate Extractor Kit v2

Manufacturer: Peterson Manufacturing
Ultimate Extractor Kit v2 - In Plastic Tube Case
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Peterson Ultimate Extractor Kit

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The Peterson Ultimate Extractor Kit v.2 is exactly what you need to remove any key from any lock. It contains broken key extractors that have been laser-cut from 1095 carbon steel for super precision and resistance. They're tough, sharp and durable, which means you can use them in just about any broken key situation and come out on top.

The Peterson Ultimate Extractor Kit v.2 includes Peterson's 3-piece double-sided extractor pliers set, two hook extractors, one sidewinder extractor, one saw extractor and a mini saw blade extractor. It's all neatly packaged in a durable plastic tube case.

Set includes:

  • 3x  Double-sided plier/scissor.
  • 1x  Single-Hook extractor.
  • 1x  Double-hook extractor.
  • 1x  Saw extractor.
  • 1x  Mini saw extractor.



Peterson Ultimate Extractor Kit v2
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