Superlock II is out now

28 January 2019


The newer version of Superlock, the ever-popular program for the calculation and administration of master key systems, has been released. Compatible with the latest Windows versions (32 and 64 bit), Superlock II improves on its predecessor offering the same reliability and precision.

With Superlock II you can:

  • Calculate key cutting and cylinder pinning in systems with either a single or multiple profiles.
  • Calculate keys and cylinders when you type in keys, cylinders and accesses in the lock chart.
  • Calculate the extensions and inserts the changes when you modify a system.
  • Check for illegal keys, keys without access and illegal accesses etc...
  • See the cylinder build, create a list for printing, or send the information to a cutting/assembly machine.
  • Setup your own profile sets and make Superlock assign the profiles to each key and cylinder.
  • Receive systems from Planner, calculate them and return them to the same Planner or to a Keybank for the administration of keys and cylinders.
  • Plus much more.

Superlock II Mini:

  • Superlock II is also available in a Mini version for locksmiths that do not need to create lock systems larger than 200 keys and 
    cylinder codes.

Click here to find more about Superlock II.