Silca Unocode F-Series is here

22 January 2021

Discover the new Silca Unocode F-Series

Silca UNOCODE F-Series is Silca's all-in-one solution for duplicating flat keys, automating the key feeding, engraving, cutting and sorting.

Discover how to improve the speed and quality of your service to the customer optimizing working flows and times dramatically enhancing your business performance.

Designed for specialist locksmiths, Silca’s latest electronic key cutting machines automate and simplify the complete key duplication process to improve the speed and quality of service to your customer. Faster key duplication means significantly improved returns on each key sold for you.

The Silca Unocode F-Series Range Overview 



Main Features

For the Unocode F Series key machines Silca have developed an entirely new software, engineered specifically to make your job easier and quicker. The new interface can also be customised according to your needs, so that you can keep within easy reach the functions you use most frequently. Cutting cards comparison available on board, code tables available on board and you can rename the cutting cards you use most frequently and reorder them according to your needs. Also when decoding a key, you don’t have to select a cutting card first.

The camera reader decodes the key cuts and provides you with a shortlist of cards from which you can choose the one you need.

The integrated industrial 10-inch touch-screen display tilts to give the perfect viewing angle and you have full connectivity with connection both via Wi-Fi and via Ethernet to the local LAN Network, 4 USB ports, a HDMI port to connect an external screen and the ability to connect a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Each machine comes with a 2-year warranty as standard with an extended warranty option also available either at the time of purchase or before the expiration of the standard warranty.

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