Salto KS and Cameramanager: a winning duo

25 June 2018

SALTO Systems, a leading global manufacturer of electronic access control solutions, launched KSconnect – an integration platform powered by SALTO’s KS Keys as a Service cloud-based access control – at IFSEC in London. The first KSconnect integration – with Eagle EyeCameramanager – offers SALTO KS end users a powerhouse security solution of access and video anywhere, anytime.

“One of the greatest things about the cloud is the ability to collaborate and when we developed our SALTO KS Keys as a Service cloud-based access control product, we prepared it to be integrated with many different cloud environments,” says Marc Handels. “We are excited about our first SALTO KS KSconnect integration with Panasonic Cameramanager video surveillance".



SALTO KS, with more than 2,000 systems, offers an innovative cloud-based access control solution, which is especially embraced for retail, co-working spaces and Rental properties with vastly better functionality and performance than is possible with a traditional solution.

Knowing that cloud-based access control like SALTO KS is often just one part of an effective security solution, SALTO developed KSconnect. SALTO KSconnect allows for SALTO KS cloud-based access control to be integrated with other security applications – like video surveillance – for a more comprehensive solution.

The first integration is a partnership with Panasonic Cameramanager, a cloud-based video management product from one of the leading names in video surveillance. Cameramanager is the ideal video surveillance solution for small to medium-sized businesses, such as stores, hairdressers, cafes, and many more. Cameramanager users can view and manage cameras anywhere and anytime with the ability to watch stored HD footage via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

And thanks to the integration with Salto KS, you will be able to manage your doors, locks, security credentials and video surveillance from one single account.