Ford Transit Custom Replock - Disec DIMG790

Manufacturer: Disec
Magnetic High-Security Ford Replock
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Disec DIMG790 Ford Transit Custom Replock

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With a new and improved design, the high-security Disec DIMG790 Replock with security rose is a direct retrofit for the Ford Transit Custom driver's door lock that prevents thieves from picking or forcing the driver’s door open and gain access to your van in just a few seconds.

With an innovative magnetic key design, the Disec MG790 is a real security upgrade for your Ford Transit Customs as it offers complete picking protection from tools that thieves can commonly find online. 

The additional security rose that comes with the DIMG790 prevents the lock from being forcefully twisted around and removed from the door. The rose is not physically connected to the lock and will turn independently if gripped without turning the lock barrel.  

Main benefits:

  • Specifically designed for the Ford Transit Custom.
  • Simple direct retrofit for the OEM lock.
  • Magnetic key operated. The set of magnets inside the key and the lock have to pair in order for the lock to turn. This innovative design makes the lock unpickable by using tools commonly found online.
  • Drill and pick resistant.
  • Security rose included.
  • Central locking system will still work.
  • Comes with a security card to prevent unauthorised duplication of your key.
  • Available keyed alike.
  • Supplied with two magnetic keys.


  • Ford Transit Custom (2013 - onwards).

Watch how to fit the Disec DIMG790:

Ford Transit Custom Replock - Disec DIMG790
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