DAT17 NISSAN-SUBARU 2in1 Pick & Decoder

Manufacturer: Mr Li's Original Tools
DAT17 2in1 Pick & Decoder for Nissan and Subaru
Picture of Mr Li's Original Tools

ORIGINAL MR LI 2in1 Pick & Decoder for Nissan and Subaru

Combining superior quality and design, the DAT17 2in1 Pick and Decoder is the ideal choice to pick and decode Subaru and Nissan locks in minutes.

Ultra-reliable, it is the perfect solution for discerning locksmiths and auto locksmiths who love precision and no compromises in their car opening tools. Durable and easy to use, with the DAT17 in your toolkit you’ll effortlessly pick and decode two of the most popular car models and enjoy a swift return on your investment. Get your DAT17 today and start working faster.


  • Twin Lifter
  • Suitable for: Door locks.
  • 4-Track (External) key blanks.

List of makes and models (for guidance only) 


B9 Tribeca 2007 onwards, Forester 2008 onwards, Impreza 2007 onwards, Legacy 2005 onwards & Outback 2005 onwards

DAT17 NISSAN-SUBARU 2in1 Pick & Decoder
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