Danalock V.3 is Now Available To You

10 October 2018

Danalock V.3: Smarter, Smaller, Safer


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Smarten up your home

The Danalock V3 is the third generation of motorized smart lock based on the feedback from early adopters customers and the latest development in data security and smart home technology. Smaller, stronger and easier to install the Danalock V3 takes the lead in the smart lock market and is setting new standards for years to come.

Easy access

With Danalock sharing access with relatives and friends is extremely easy, you can receive notification when the lock is used - and by whom - along with impressive features that eliminate the problems of mechanical keys. And in addition, Danalock senses your presence and knows just when to unlock or lock the door (which is similar to how modern vehicles operate).

Easy to install

Danalock’s installation is so simple, you can do-it-yourself in five minutes or less.

Subtle, yet secure

No need for flashing lights or visible moving parts to alert passersby that your house is protected by one of the most technologically-advanced electronic lock solutions on the market. The beauty of Danalock’s residential smart lock lies within. Danalock smart locks are simple in appearance but offer the security your home needs to protect what matters most.

nofootprint  No footprint on the door. No evidence of how it is protected 
 With Danalock your door looks just like a normal door with a standard-looking lock, there is   no impression of an electronic lock.
always enalbled

 Always enabled 
 Mechanical key override exists in the event of a forgotten or lost smartphone or no battery   power. You will always be able to access and operate your lock.

safer inside

 Safer Inside 
 Electronics are housed on the inside of the door, providing protection against vandalism,   adverse weather etc.


 Unmatchable security standard 
 Danalock uses AES256, the most advanced encryption method for transferring data and   TPM – Trusted Platform Module to store encryption keys. This high-security level has been   acknowledged by companies like Apple, Amazon, Google Nest and many others.


Smart home open the door to endless smart home possibilities

There’s a growing network of smart devices in your home – thermostat, lights, alarm system – and Danalock smart locks work seamlessly with these products. The smartest smart devices work together to provide user comfort, convenience and cost-saving.

 smart home

Danalock integrations

Interoperability has always been a cornerstone in Danalock products
The V3 is by far the most versatile and flexible platform available and is setting new standards in cross-platform interoperability. Let Danalock sense you are near and trigger all your smart home commands.

 z wave plus zigbee  HomeKit 

Z-wave and Zigbee integrations. Danalock offers different Z-Wave versions and also a Zigbee version.
This enables it to be integrated into different ecosystems like Amazon Echo, Nest, IFTTT, Harmony etc. converting the Danalock V3 in the trigger or starter that will boost your home system as soon as you unlock your door.


airbnb  API

Airbnb integration
The Danalock Airbnb integration enables you to share mobile keys directly to the guest smartphone for the period of time that the apartment has been rented through the Airbnb platform. No need to give physical keys, and after the stay, the mobile key expires.


SDKs and APIs

Danalock delivers full SDKs and APIs for partner integrations, enabling easy integration with existing systems like home automation, booking platforms etc.