Breaking: New Paxton Fob Cloner now available

17 June 2019

The New TDF1 Paxton Fob Cloner is now available from Keyprint Security

The TDF1 Paxton Fob Cloner, the only machine on the market that allows you to read and clone Paxton key fobs, is now available from Keyprint Security.

Benefits of the new device:

  • The TDF1 Paxton fob copier is a dedicated standalone device that will copy Paxton fob in seconds providing a valuable extra level of customer service to your business.
  • You will be able to copy blue, red, yellow and green ringed Paxton fobs.
  • It comes with the versatility to be used either standalone in your retail premises or workshop or even out on the road using the supplied USB cable.
  • Standard guarantee period of 12 months from date of purchase.

How to use the TDF1 Cloner to copy Paxton fobs:

With the new Paxton Fob Copier, you will be able to quickly and easily clone Paxton. Al you have to do is, drop the fob to be copied into the reader, press the button to read, remove the fob and place a blank fob into the reader and press the button again. And to make things even easier, your new device also comes with detailed instruction and a video guide that you can watch on our website at this link:

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