ASSA Lockspray

Manufacturer: Assa
Improves durability and prevents wear. Water resistant and does not bind to salt, thus also protecting against corrosion.
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ASSA Lockspray  - Lock Lubricant

ASSA Lock Spray is a lubricant and cleaner with a new and improved formula. Using this lock spray significantly increases the reliability and longevity of mechanical and electromechanical cylinders.


  • EFFECTIVE – small dosage gives quick results.
  • RAPID DRYING – does not bind dust and grit.
  • WATER RESISTANT – does not bind salt and protects against corrosion.
  • SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE – recommended twice a year or according to the building service schedule.
  • ANTIFREEZE - De-Icing and antifreeze properties.

Cleaning instructions

Shake before usage. Insert the spray nozzle into the key way of the cylinder and press the button for one second. Remove the nozzle from the key way, insert the key and turn a couple of times. Wipe the key clean of any excess lubricant. Job done!

Product Specification

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ASSA Lockspray
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