Ultimate Auto Wedges 3/4"

Manufacturer: HPC
Ultimate Auto Wedges 3/4"
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Ultimate Auto Wedges 3/4"

The Ultimate Auto Wedges are designed for smooth, safe insertion and will not fall into door cavities. The special angled tips allow for easier insertion and the sure-stop edges stop you from pushing these wedges in too far.

These wedges feature a special tapered body that prevents them from popping out, and the special "illumination hole" holds your probe light in place at any angle.


  • The sure-stop edge prevents you from pushing these wedges too far into the door.
  • The tapered body stops these wedges from popping out.
  • The "illumination-hole" holds your light in place, focused where you need it.
  • The special angled ends make these the easiest wedges to slip into doors.
  • 3/4" (19mm) thick.
  • They come in pairs.


Ultimate Auto Wedges 3/4"
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