UltiM8 Federal IronGUARD Lock-Pick

Manufacturer: Ultim8 Tools Ltd
UltiM8 Federal IronGUARD Lock-Pick
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UltiM8 Federal IronGUARD Lock-Pick

The UltiM8 IronGUARD Lock-Pick is designed to overcome all versions of the Lock whether it’s a Euro, Mortice, Rim or screw-in cylinder & if you’re worried about the ‘Trap-Pins’ firing and locking the chamber, we’ve got that covered too. Simply insert one of the handy picks and lift out the pins quickly, simply by following the highlighted ‘guides’ on the pick.

The tip of the blades has a profile and in the profile of the lock is a telescopic pin, the four blades are to take care of the different heights at the tip; the tool allows you to partially pick, then raking or oscillate to open producing fast results for you geeky lock-pickers.


  • Unique 3in1 capabilities: Manually Picks, Rakes & Bounces open too
  • Boasting the Fastest opening times in the industry BY FAR
  • You will get access to the FREE ‘How2’ Training Videos
  • Bonus Lock-Picking Instructional Videos for other types of Locks too
  • Literally ‘Half-Picks’ simply by inserting into the lock
  • Handy ‘Trap-Pin’ guides to help you easily select & release the pins if the cylinder locks
  • Replacement Component Parts Available if required
  • Free decoder chart

Lock-Pick Kit Contains:

  • 4 x Unique ‘Half-Pick’ Blades
  • 1 x Blade Turner/Holder
  • 1 x Hard Plastic Carry Case
  • 2 x Tensioning Bar
  • 1 x Manual Hand Pick Tool
  • 1 x ‘U’ Shaped Trap Pin Turner
  • Password to access the "HOW2" training videos
UltiM8 Federal IronGUARD Lock-Pick
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