UltiM8 Brisant Lock-Pick

Manufacturer: Ultim8 Tools Ltd
UltiM8 Brisant Lock-Pick
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UltiM8 Brisant Lock-Pick

The Brisant ‘Ultion’ 2-in-1 dimple key lock-pick literally ‘bounces’ open but also manually picks too with a further option of raking coming very soon. This Lock-Pick overcomes both the Brisant ‘Ultion’ & D Section cylinders both very quickly and efficiently using patent-pending technology from Ultimate.

The Lock-Pick Blades ‘half-pick’ the lock for you instantly. Once the innovative Pick-Blades are inserted into the lock, they INSTANTLY ‘pick’ any ‘deep-cuts or lowest pin heights’ too without you doing anything, which means when it comes to picking, raking or bumping, the lock is already half picked.


  • Unique 2in1 capabilities: Manually Picks & Bounces open too
  • Access to ‘How2’ Training Videos 
  • Bonus Lock-Picking Instructional Videos for other types of Locks too
  • Literally ‘Partially-Picks’ the Lock simply by inserting into the lock
  • Replacement Component Parts Available if required
  • Free decoder chart

Lock-Pick Kit Contains:

  • 2x Unique Blades
  • 1x Blade holder
  • 1x Durable Plastic Carry Case
  • 1x Manual Hand Pick Tool
  • Access to password-protected training videos
UltiM8 Brisant Lock-Pick
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