Peterson Standard vs Slender Picks

06 June 2018

Thin or Thick: why choose slender or standard Peterson picks

Peterson picks: slender vs standard

Customer is locked out, you approach the lock but you can’t fit your pick into the keyway or you find really hard to manoeuvre the pins inside the lock. Good chances are you are attacking a lock with a narrow “paracentric” keyway.

To solve this issue, most manufacturers have come up with different widths for their picks. This gives you more options when choosing your picks but, on the other hand, can make it harder to choose the set that is right for you and the locks you normally find in your job.

Three widths to pick them all

As you can see in the picture below, Peterson picks come in three different widths.

Peterson picks slender vs standard

A different width means a different degree of flexibility and stress resistance and, as you can already guess, different pros and cons. To find out more about the benefits of each width, watch our short explainer video here:

To sum up

Peterson picks

Which Peterson picks should I get?

If you work on locks with a standard keyway, you should get a “standard” 0.025” picks (click here to see the range) that will still be very useful in most locks and will generally last longer than a thinner pick.

If you are already finding a lot of locks with narrow keyways in your area or you want to be ready for any lock you may encounter, then you should definitely add a selection of slimmer picks to your sets. Although thinner and so a bit more prone to breaking than a standard 0.025” pick, Peterson Government Steel guarantees an excellent resistance and durability so that you won’t need to change them every month.

If you are heavy handed on the lock, then the new line of 0.018” slender picks (click here to see the range) is a good compromise that should perfectly suit your style of picking. They are quite thin so to give you enough room to work on the pins while offering a greater level of resistance to stress and tension of lock picking than the slimmer 0.015” picks (click here to see the pick sets).