L&F/AGA - Cam and Multi-Purpose Service Kit

Manufacturer: Lowe & Fletcher
L&F/AGA - Cam and Multi-Purpose Service Kit
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Types of Locks:

LF0207-03 - 8mm Cam Lock
LF1361-03 - 11mm Cam Lock
LF1363-03 - 11mm Cam Lock
LF1332-03 - 16mm Cam Lock
LF1336-03 - 20mm Cam Lock
LF1339-03 - 20mm Cam Lock
LF2109 - 22mm Cam Lock
LF1340-03 - 22mm Cam Lock
LF1341-03 - 27mm Cam Lock
LF1342-03 - 32mm Cam Lock
LF1346-03 - 23.5mm Multi-Drawer Lock
LF4111 - 19mm Tambour Lock
LF5840-03 - 19mm Pedestal Lock
LF5841-03 - 19mm Pedestal Lock
LF5842-03 - 19mm Pedestal Lock
LF5843-03 - 19mm Pedestal Lock
LF5880-03 - 22mm Rim Lock Fixed Barrel
LFZA (2201) - 6.7mm - 7 Lever Rim Lock ZA
AGA147 - Push Button Lock For Sliding Doors
AGA161 - Drawer Lock For Metal & Wood
AGA162 - Cabinet Lock For Metal & Wood
AGA166 - Cabinet Lock For Wood


L&F/AGA - Cam and Multi-Purpose Service Kit
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