High security cylinders from Keso

Today, more people than ever seek comfort and protection. With the locking technology from KESO, security is at your fingertips. The combination of different systems opens up a multitude of security options. KESO's expertise comprises of 40 years of experience, more than 330 patents, partnerships and sales offices in over 25 countries.

One key to operate all

The KESO principles observes strict compatibility rules based on a unique idea: "The key to your world." From the turn key to electronically controlled master key systems, all areas can be controlled and managed with a single online or offline software management system.


Range of locking products

KESO systems offer a wide variety of locking options to fit all needs, ranging from mechanical cylinders in a to cylinders that incorporate both mechanical and electronic components, to systems that operate through electronic components only. All that can be used together using the same KEK Combi Key.

The exhaustive, wide range of cylinders and locks guarantees consistent, compact solutions. All Swiss, Euro and UK Oval profiles available in Double, Single & Turn, Offset and Half cylinders. Range includes also Scandinavian, Rim, Rim Mortice, Padlocks, Cam Locks, Furniture Locks….in various colours.

KESO 4000: based expertise. Patent protection until 2023. Swiss quality for the long term

The KESO 4000S stands out clearly from existing systems and offers an almost endless number of locking options. More drill patterns and greater line displacement make far greater combinatorics possible. Together with the profiled shoulder, KESO 4000 is a premium-quality precision master piece. The mechatronic range is also available in this system and is also patented.

KESO relies on legendary Swiss quality and ensures long-term sustainability.



The Omega System provides convincing performance with interacitve pins in the top edges of the key. The KESO Omega key has integrated "bolt/spring technology" which must be enaged on opening/closing in the locking cylinder. This key mechanism considerably increases copy protection of the key.

 Anti-Ligature Furniture

Anti-Ligature furniture is available on KESO systems. We have a selection of escutcheons, turns with anti-barricade functions and handles to choose from. Please contact us to discuss your anti-ligature requirements.

 Oxidation Protection

Select the oxidation protection option for chemical nickel plating of the cylinder. This removes the danger of corrosion. Cylinders with oxidation protection are only available in standard colours.


 Closing With Key

On opening the cylinder, you can remove the key. However, the same matching key is required to lock the cylinder.


 Closing Without Key

This function is only available for push cylinders. When the lock is opened, the cylinder advances and you can remove the key. To lock, just push the cylinder: there is no need for a key.

 Forced Locking

You can open the cylinder. The "Forced locking" function prevents you from removing the key. You must lock the cylinder with the key before you can remove the key.


 Change Code

The change code cylinder offers up to three locking configurations with one configuration active at a time. The end-user can change the lock to work with a new key without removing the cylinder from the lock case.


 Pulling Protection

Pulling protection prevents attempts to pull the core out the cylinder housing. At the same time, these cylinders have an integrated ABS Drilling Protection and are thus compilant with extremely stringent security requirements.

 Drilling Protection (ABS)

Carbide inserts protect the cylinder against attempts to drill it open. ABS is offered single sided by default, but is also available for both sides. Drilling protection Fasif 1 is supplied by default with the KESO systems. Additionally, KESO offers additional drilling protection for enhanced security.

 Emergency key

The emergency key is used with special double cylinders to push out a key on the other side of the cylinder.



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