How To Program Spare Keys For a VAG MQB/Golf VII Johnson Controls Dashboard Using AVDI

14 November 2019

JCI MQB/Golf VII Key Programming Using AVDI


To program a spare key for a VAG MQB/Golf VII Johnson Controls Dashboard you'll need:

Step 1. Read The Component Security Bytes

  • Open the AVDI VAG Software and go to "Key learning".

AVDI Spare Keys Johnson Control Dashboard


  • Select the option "IMMO 4/5 by component security".


  • Turn the ignition on using the working key.

  • Click "Read CS" (you will need internet access, 1 VAG CS Extraction Token and a valid AMS). Once the CS is calculated, it will show it on your screen.

STEP 2. Make The Dealer Key

  • Click "Make dealer key".


  • Put the working key into the PROTAG and then the new key to prepare the dealer key.

STEP3. Program The New Key(s)

  • Turn the ignition on with the working key. Press Learn.

  • Enter the number of keys that you want to program including existing keys and click "OK".

  • The software will prompt you to start the ignition with each key.

  • The new key(s) are now programmed into the vehicle and will start the car.


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