Abrites AVDI Software Updates

04 February 2019

New Abrites AVDI Software Updates


Abrites Diagnostics for BMW/Mini Online version 31.7

Abrites Diagnostics for BMW/ Mini Online version 31.7 now provides support for the BMW Motorcycles (BMW Motorrad) and BMW scooters:

  • Complete OEM and higher level of diagnostics.
  • Reading and clearing DTCs with the ability to show causes and possible fixes.
  • Full DTC details with descriptions.
  • Actuator testing and activation.
  • Live values in table or graph mode.
  • Simultaneous use of Actuators and live value monitoring.
  • Key programming for BMW Motorcycles and scooters using HITAG 2, DST 80 and DST AES keys for example: S1000RR; BMW K19 - C600 and C650; BMW GS1200/ GS1200R; K and F series (K1300 and F800) commonly known as XEWS4 type. They use DST80 transponders so you can use the Abrites TA17 as a key. BMW R1200GS using a handsfree unit (Keyless go system) X_SLZ/ HUF. These use a DST AES type of key and others.
  • Module replacement for  BMW Motorcycles and scooters: EWS replacement, ABS replacement, Cluster replacement, DME replacement.
  • Coding and Programming for BMW Motorcycles and scooters: Vehicle order (VO), programming of flashes in the modules, integration level, customisation for various modules according to the customer's requests.

* Special function BN010 is required for key programming.

* Special function BN012 is required for module replacement.

Abrites Diagnostics for Renault/Dacia online version 31.7

 In version 31.7 of the Abrites Diagnostics for Renault/ Dacia you will see the following new features and additions:

  • Added support for mileage recalibration of Renault Talisman/ Renault Megane IV VDO Dashboard 2017+
  • Renault Kangoo II and Renault Clio III key learning improved.
  • Engine adaptations for Megane III/Scenic III/Laguna III improved.
  • Bosch ABS recalibration unexpected data error fixed.
  • Improved actuators.

Abrites Diagnostics for VAG in version 36.0

Some really useful features for Abrites Diagnostics for VAG in version 36.0. Remember when entering service mode needed to remove the EEPROM+ 24C32/24C64, read it, save it and load into the software? Not anymore.

  • The new ZN059 adapter allows you to connect to the back of the cluster and enter service mode by connection to the cluster without removing the EEPROM.
  • All keys lost for MQB vehicles if the CS of the dashboard and of the ECU are available.

Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes version 10.8

We are happy to inform that the cars that were previously unsupported for EZS (EIS) password extraction will be available in version 10.8 of the Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes. We can now extract a password and program keys to the previously hardest cars to do.

  • Password extraction for the W220/ W215/ R230 (W230)  (1998 - 2005).  EVEN FOR ALL KEYS LOST.
  • Password extraction for the W221/ X164 (W164)/ W251/ W216 before the facelift (2005 - 2007). EVEN FOR ALL KEYS LOST.
  • In the car or on a bench.
  • Easy procedure, simple to use and very quick.

Abrites Diagnostics for Hyundai and KIA version 4.2

Abrites Diagnostics for Hyundai and KIA version 4.2 will  have the following new features:

  • We have added the following all new models for key programming: Hyundai Grandeur - Smart keys (Free for all owners of the HK008 and a valid AMS), Hyundai I20 - Mechanical keys (Free for all owners of the HK008 and a valid AMS).
  • Apart from that, you will see the new updates and improvements on key programming available for the existing cars which were already supported.
  • Increased PIN reading speed.
  • Improved communication while programming keys.