Peterson 3-Piece Extractor Set

Manufacturer: Peterson Manufacturing
3-Piece Extractor Set
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Peterson 3-Piece Extractor Set

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The Peterson 3-piece set provides you with the length and strength you require for the tasks at hand.

Peterson single sided extractors let you easily extract a key. Where other brand extractors make you fight the lock, Peterson's patent-pending saw profile makes the design of the lock work for you and in just a few seconds you can remove the most stubborn key. You will also find that the two hook extractors in this selection are sharper and stronger than competitive extractors.

Get the 3-piece set today to add it to your set arsenal or replenish your PEK extractor kit.

Set includes:

  • 1x Saw-tooth extractor
  • 1x Extractor (single hook)
  • 1x Extractor (double hook)



Peterson 3-Piece Extractor Set
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